12 tourist destinations in Gyeongnam Province participating in the Korea Safe Travel Campaign

Image: Gyeongnam province
Image: Gyeongnam province

12 tourist destinations in Gyeongnam Province participating in the Korea Safe Travel Campaign

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Gyeongnam province announced that 12 tourist destinations in the province were finally selected and participated in the 2022 Korea Safe Travel Campaign.

This campaign, jointly promoted by the Korea Tourism Organization and 16 metropolitan governments excluding Seoul, runs from June to the end of the year, and 198 tourist destinations nationwide with excellent hygiene and safety management that are eco-friendly and have excellent hygiene and safety management.

Gyeongnam tourist sites participating in this campaign are Jinjuseong Fortress, Tongyeong Yi Sunsin Park, Sacheon Sea Cable Car, Gimhae Hwapocheon Wetland Ecological Park, Miryang Arirang Space Observatory, Yangsan Daeunsan Forest Aeseo, Haman Malisan Tombs and Haman Museum, Changnyeong Namjigaebi-ri Trail, Goseong Danghangpo Tourist Site, Hadong Samseong Palace, Sancheong Namsayedam Village, and Hapcheon Hwangmaesan County Park.

These 12 sites were recommended by provinces and cities and were finally selected after deliberation by the Korea Tourism Organization selection committee.

Gyeongnam province plans to continuously check hygiene, safety, and quarantine management of participating tourist destinations during the campaign period, and actively encourage participating tourist destinations to create an autonomous and safe travel environment.

In addition, by the end of the year, publicity and marketing for participating tourist destinations, such as online promotion using SNS, will be promoted.

The Korea Tourism Organization will hold a public recommendation event for 198 tourist destinations across the country from the 9th to the 26th. If you select a safe tourist attraction that you recommend from among the tourist destinations participating in the national campaign and write the reason for the recommendation, AirPods, chicken gift certificate, and gas gift certificate will be awarded through a lottery.

For more information on Korea’s safe travel campaigns, events, and participating tourist destinations, please visit the ‘Safe Travel Guide’ special feature section.

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