13 autumn travel destinations in Gyeongnam, South Korea

Images: Gyeongnam Province
Images: Gyeongnam Province

13 autumn travel destinations in Gyeongnam, South Korea

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As the public interest in non-face-to-face tourist destinations is increasing day by day in the fall of Gyeongsangnam-do, Gyeonganm province has recommended and introduced 13 non-face-to-face safe tourist spots around the province so that you can find healing spots where you can keep socially distanced and enjoy nature.

In the fall season, families, lovers, and friends can meet their desire to enjoy nature in untouched destinations with nature-friendly non-face-to-face outdoor tourist destinations for relaxation and healing.

If you are looking to take a day trip this autumn and enjoy, here are 13 recommended spots in Gyeongnam that boast a unique charm as blue and clear as the October sky where you can enjoy the cool autumn breeze while observing social distancing.

Saryangdo Jiri (Tongyeong) — Enjoy an enchanting view of the ridgeline along the high peaks at Saryangdo in Jirisan National Park. The top of this huge rocky mountain is made of interesting rock formations where you can feel the majesty of the shape carved by the wind and rain over many years. 

Sacheon Cable Car Natural Recreation Forest (Sacheon) — Sacheon Cable Car Natural Recreation Forest consists of a 40-year-old cypress forest, which has accommodation facilities and a camping deck where you can fully enjoy the green of the cypress forest. 

Jangyu Nuri-gil (Gimhae) — Jangyu Nuri- gil is a luxury walking trail linking Daecheongcheon and Yul River, which are representative ecological rivers of Gimhae. By connecting the Banryongsan hiking trail to the Dullegil created along the existing river, and adding a forest bathing course to the general walking course, trekkers have a wider range of options to choose from. You can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery including the riverside, Yulha Street cafe, and Gimhae village workshop among others.

Yeongnamru Waterfront Park Path (Miryang) = Yeongnamru Waterfront Park Path, which is a walking course for Miryang citizens, adds to the autumn atmosphere with Sammun pine forest, gujeolcho, sunflowers, and cosmos flower fields in full bloom. There are not many people, so it is a good place to take a leisurely walk along the Miryang River and enjoy the Petroglyphs Sculpture Park, the riverside scenery, and the autumn flowers. As it is located in the downtown area of ​​Miryang City, it is easily accessible, and convenient facilities such as restaurants are nearby, and it is good to link with nearby tourist attractions. 

Soopaeseo (Yangsan) — Soopaeseo, which opened in July this year, is the first public anti-aging healing service experience center in Korea that helps people enjoy a healthy life. Facilities include a health wellness restaurant, body/movement mental healing rooms, therapy rooms, and you can try thermal healing rooms for relaxation. Forest walking, meditation, and healthy eating while staying in the forest help you relieve your daily stress and fill your mind and body with vitality.

Forest of Patriotic Soldiers (Uiryeong) — In autumn, cotton candy-like daffodils are in full bloom in the expansive flower garden of the Forest of Patriotic Soldiers, making it the best photo spot to fill up your SNS. This area is one of the Agency’s Righteous Army in the woods is the Nakdong and the Nam River is also known historically as it was a place during the Japanese invasion at the time of the first general Gwak Jae-u.

Akyangdukbang-gil (Haman) — Akyangdukbang-gil, the longest embankment in the country, has a wide-open space along the flowing Namgang River, and has an endless sandy beach. The dense forests and dawn blooming pussy willows in fog at dukbanggil offer romantic and memorable sunsets viewed from the Yueyang Tower.

Namji Gaebi-ri- gil (Changnyeong) — Nakdonggang Namji Gabi-ri-gil, one of the nine major tourist attractions in Changnyeong, is a trail on a steep cliff along the Nakdonggang River. This narrow road, which can only be passed by one person, stretches over several tens of meters of cliffs, and the beautiful scenery drawn by the Nakdong River can be felt in your heart. It is a walking tour where people and nature become one with views of blooming wildflowers along the Nakdong River. A bamboo forest along with tens of thousands of trees make weary visitors stress go to relieve their stress.

Dongjeongho (Hadong) — Dongjeongho is a large eco-friendly park that is a good place for healing and walking the secluded beautiful landscape. Especially in autumn, the fields of Akyang Pyeongsari are colored golden and the Scarecrow Festival is held here at Dongdong Lake. 

Jeongchwiam (Sancheong) — An elegant temple nestled on one side of a steep cliff, Sancheong Jeongchwiam is designated as the 83rd traditional temple built by Uisang Daesa in the 6th year of King Sinmun of Silla. Jeongchwiam, which creates a picture-like scene in harmony with the four seasons of Mt. Daeseong, has had many stories for a long time. As you go up the stairs step by step, you will be greeted by the Sansingak, which is enshrined in Sanshin Tanghwa, Gyeongsangnam-do Cultural Property Material No. 243. When you look back while appreciating the mountains in Taenghwa, you will be captivated by the appearance of Mt. Daeseongsan dyed red and yellow, the water flowing in the distance, and the high autumn sky. Jeongchwiam can be visited by car, or it is good to stop by while hiking. 

Hapcheon Lake Dulle-gil (Hapcheon) — On the Hapcheon-ho Dulle-gil, you can see the cool and dense Hapcheon Dam from a path that is not overgrown with forest. The beautiful scenery of early morning mountain mist and water mist mixing together is the highlight of Hapcheonho Lake Dulle-gil. Hapcheonho Lake, seen while descending down the Dulle-gil, catches the attention of tourists as the water reflected in the sunlight sparkles like jewels. There is also a drive-through course suitable for social distancing offering spectacular views from inside your car and cool breezes from Lake Hapcheon.

Jirisan Chilseon Valley Trail (Hamyang) — Jirisan Chilseon Valley Trail is an anicent valley flowing along the north valley Jiri Cheonbuldong at Seorak. The rugged mountains offer beautiful scenery, and the last virgin forest of Jirisan Mountain, is a great resource with seven waterfalls spread over 18km from the top of Cheonwangbong Peak to Uitan in Macheon-myeon. Since 1999, the hiking trail has been closed, but since 2008, only those who have made a reservation in advance are accompanied by a guide, so you can safely enjoy the scenery of the original forest.

Seochuldongryu Waterway (Geochang) — Seochuldongryu Waterway is a trekking path that starts from Sansu Bridge in Buksang-myeon, Geochang-gun, and continues to Wolseong Forest and Wolseong Village. In particular, you can enjoy the autumn scenery to the fullest while walking through the forest path filled with autumn leaves along with the cool valley water, making it an ideal tourist destination for non-face-to-face safety in the fall season. In addition, camping sites and experience villages have been built along the forests and valleys, making it a popular healing tourist destination where you can enjoy a variety of sightseeing while relaxing in nature.

For more information on the 13 non-face-to-face safe tourist spots in the fall season, see the Gyeongnam Tourism Guide website and Gyeongnam-do tourism network service (SNS) on Facebook and Instagram.

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