Image: Tongyeong Hansan Festival website
Image: Tongyeong Hansan Festival website

15 festivals in Korea you don't want to miss this August

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Hot temperatures around the nation in August don’t slow down the excitement of local festivals around the nation.

Here are 15 festivals to check out around Korea next month.

Hwacheon Tomato Festival
Date: August 1 – 4

Location: Hwacheon-gun, Gangwon-do

Modeled after Spain’s famous tomato fight festival ‘La Tomatina’, Hwacheon’s tomato festival has been gaining popularity every year.


Ulleungdo Squid Festival
Date: August 5 – 7

Location: Jeodonghang Port, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Hundreds of thousands of visitors descend on scenic Ulleungdo to partake in events dedicated to squid.


Yeongwol Donggang Festival
Date: August 8 – 10

Location: Donggang River, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do

Performances, outdoor activities, and history come together at this lively festival.


Gamaek Festival
Date: August 8 – 10

Location: Jeonju Sports Complex Soccer Arena, Jeollabuk-do

Now in its 5th year, the festival brings together community spirit with concerts and festivities.

Image courtesy of JIMFF


Jecheon International Music and Film Festival
August 8 – 13

Location: Jecheon, Chungcheongbuk-do

JIMFF will screen a total of 126 films from 36 countries at their largest festival yet.


Suwon Culture Night
August 9 – 11

Location: Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, Gyeonggi-do

Learn the history of the region with a fantastic night experience event.


Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival
August 9 – 11

Location: Pentaport Park, Incheon

Nearly 50 musical acts from Korea and abroad take part in the huge three-day festival.


Tongyeong Hansan Battle Festival
August 10 – 14

Location: Culture Square, Yi Sun-shin Park, Gyeongsangnam-do

Check out the turtle ship replicas at the festival dedicated to one of the world’s four greatest sea battles.


Bucheon International Comics Festival
August 14 – 18

Location: Korea Manhwa Museum, Gyeonggi-do

One of Asia’s top global comics festivals returns for another year with events and concerts.


Seoul Fringe Festival
August 15 – 24

Location: Culture Tank, Seoul

Korea’s largest independent arts festival features dance, music, arts and more.


Songdo Beer Festival
August 23 – 31

Location: Songdo Moonlight Festival Park, Incheon

Nine days of beer, performances, and food make this festival one of the highlights of the city each year.


Daejeon International Wine Fair
August 23 – 25

Location: Daejeon Convention Center

Around 10,000 types of wine are on offer along with a huge wine-tasting event.


Goesan Red Pepper Festival
August 29 – September 1

Location: Sports Complex, Goesan, Chungcheongbuk-do

Held during harvest season, all things peppers make up this entertaining agricultural festival.


Yeongdong Grape Festival
August 29 – September 1

Location: Yeongdong Gymnasium, Yeongdong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do

Celebrations of the grape abound in the center of the country and the best grape-growing region in Korea.


Muju Firefly Festival
August 31 – September 8

Location: Muju, Jeollabuk-do

The evening skies after 8 p.m. become awash with lights from the local fireflies.

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