20 events to look forward to in Busan this October

20 events to look forward to in Busan this October

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Fall is one of the main festival seasons in Korea and Busan is chock full of festivals and events that you won’t want to miss.

Here are the events happening in October that you’ll want to put on your to-do calendar.

October Festivals and Events in Busan

András Schiff Piano Recital – World Pianist Series 2023
Period: October 4
Venue: Busan Cultural Center

Busan International Film Festival
Period: October 4–13
Venues: Busan Cinema Center

Asian Start-up Expo ‘FLY ASIA 2023’
Period: October 5-8
Venues: BEXCO

Busan International Travel Fair 2023
Period: October 5-8
Venues: Busan Cinema Center

Busan Jagalchi Festival
Period: October 5-8
Venues: Jagalchi Market

World Competition Winner Series Ⅳ – Sunwoo Yekwon Piano Recital
Period: October 6
Venue: Busan Cultural Center

Seri Park World Match
Period: October 7
Venue: Stone Gate Country Club

Busan International Rock Festival
Period: October 7-8
Venue: Samnak Park

Asian Contents and Film Market
Period: October 7-10
Venues: BEXCO

Hurshimchung Oktoberfest
Period: October 12-14
Venues: Hotel Nongshim

Yeongdo Bridge Festival
Period: October 13-15
Venues: Yeongdo Amir Park, around Yeongdo Bridge

Dongnae Eupseong History Festival
Period: October 13-15
Venues: Dongnae Cultural Center, Plaza of Dongnae Eupseong and Oncheonjang

Busan International Performing Arts Market 2023
Period: October 13-16
Venue:  Busan Citizens’ Hall, Busan KT&G Sangsangmadang and more

Busan Fine Art Assoiciation Fair
Period: October 13-16
Venues: BEXCO

Sea Art Festival
Period: October 14-November 19
Venue: Ilgwang Beach

2023 Fashion Week
Period: October 16-17
Venue: BEXCO

2023 Busan Choral Festival & Competition
Period: October 17-21
Venues: Busan Cinema Center, Sohyang Theater

2022 Busan Craft Beer Festival
Period: October 18-22
Venue: BEXCO

2023 My Life My English Speech Festival
Period: October 21
Venue: Nurimaru

Busan One Asia Festival
Period: October 21-22
Venue: Asiad Main Stadium and Busan Citizens Park

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