The 2021 ASEAN Market in Busan through Oct. 10

Image courtesy of the ASEAN Culture House
Image courtesy of the ASEAN Culture House

The 2021 ASEAN Market in Busan through Oct. 10

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On crisp autumn days, many people dream of jetting off to new places, but traveling is currently impossible due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For frustrated would-be travelers, the KF’s ASEAN Culture House (ACH) presents the 2021 ASEAN Market, where visitors can feel like they’re walking around a marketplace in Southeast Asia.

The ASEAN Market will open at the ACH for three days, from October 8 to 10, and local companies that promote ASEAN wares to Korean consumers will participate alongside people of ASEAN backgrounds introducing various goods from their homelands. Visitors will encounter and experience diverse items used in daily life, including handmade accessories, eco-friendly goods, and food.

The market will also have a mini exhibition of exquisite craftworks made by masters from ASEAN and Korea, aiming to encourage an analog sensibility and appreciation for crafts. In addition, visitors can learn about and try tasting coffee and tea from ASEAN countries; making rattan and bamboo crafts; potting houseplants; and cooking through the market’s “experience classes.”

Other special events will include a “talk concert” focused on interesting ASEAN-related stories; coloring of the ASEAN countries’ national flags; performances; a trivia contest; and a raffle. For those who cannot visit the market in person, a livestream of the event will be aired on the ACH’s YouTube channel, and some of the items at the market will be sold online.

Everyone is welcome to visit the 2021 ASEAN Market, both in person and online, to quench their thirst for traveling by seeing, eating, and enjoying everything the ASEAN member countries have to offer.

The 2021 ASEAN Market will proceed in strict observance of the government’s guidelines on COVID-19 prevention and control and with the utmost care for visitors’ safety.

The 2021 ASEAN Market’s program may be changed in accordance with the government’s guidelines on COVID-19 prevention and control.

Event Information
Period: October 8-10, 2021
Venue: ASEAN Culture House
Hours: 12:00-19:00
Free admission
Hosted by: ASEAN Culture House

Image: ASEAN Culture Center

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