2021 Busan Money Show Nov. 4-6

2021 Busan Money Show Nov. 4-6

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The ‘2021 Busan Money Show’, which marks its 11th anniversary this year, includes an exhibition in which 70 companies in the field of fintech (financial technology) operating 170 booths, financial technology (property management) seminars, conferences reflecting the trend of digital financial transformation, and as a side event, an investment IR show will be held.

At the exhibition, major financial institutions and companies will present content using metaverse (expanded virtual world) and AI (artificial intelligence) technologies.

The Korea Exchange will hold financial lectures such as gold-stock futures EFT (exchanged exchange fund) on the metaverse, and Busan Bank will show the latest fintech technology that recognizes customers’ faces with artificial intelligence technology to verify identity.

In addition, ‘Snowdoc’, a blockchain startup that Microsoft praised as ‘the future of K-Pop’, introduced K-pop and K-culture to the world in April for the first time in Korea. Ali has launched an NFT (non-fungible token) platform service, and this event will showcase a technology that simultaneously transmits K-pop performances to the world through the metaverse in real-time.

At the U-Space BIFC Pavilion, where fintech start-ups in Busan International Finance Center (BIFC) will participate through metaverse seminars and content demonstrations, IT (information and communication) engineers and students in Busan are able to participate in various digital fields.

At the Digital Finance Conference held for the first time this year, presentations and panel discussions on the value and outlook of virtual assets (including NFTs) and Metaverse will be held.

The investment IR show, which is held as a side event, is expected to provide practical help to startups by providing information on funds and investment plans, and 1:1 matching consultations with institutional investors with the participation of about 10 institutional investors.

Another side event, Busan Fintech Startup and SK Planet, a data leading company, will present the ‘small business support solution’ jointly developed to present information-based business analysis such as sales, location, and credit to small business owners in Busan and ways to expand business.

The city of Busan will also sign an agreement with SK Planet, BC Card, Hana Card, and the Global Fintech Industry Promotion Center to foster the data-based fintech industry at the U-Space BIFC building on November 4th.

Free admission to the exhibition hall is possible with pre-registration, and you can receive a discount on the entrance fee for the digital finance conference. For more information, refer to the ‘2021 Busan Money Show website.

Event Information
Period: November 4-6, 2021
Venue: BEXCO
Opening Hours: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Admission fee: 5,000 won (free admission with pre-registration)

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