2022 Busan Indie Connect Festival

2022 Busan Indie Connect Festival

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The city of Busan, Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency, and Busan Indie Connect Festival Organizing Committee established the Busan Indie Connect Festival (BIC) as a global representative indie game festival which will be held simultaneously online and offline at the Busan Port International Exhibition and Convention Center (BPEX) and the official website of the BIC Festival (bicfest.org) from September 1st.

At the BIC Festival, which marks its 8th anniversary this year, 162 domestic and foreign game works from 22 countries will be exhibited, including 130 works from 15 countries that were finally selected as exhibits among 332 entries.

The number of entries of 332 is an increase of 39% from last year, recording the highest competition rate since the COVID-19 pandemic, proving that the BIC Festival has established itself as the most prominent global indie game festival in Asia in name and reality.

The offline event of the BIC Festival will be held from September 1st to 4th. From September 1st to 2nd, it is a business day for developers and game industry officials to network, and from September 3rd to 4th, it will be a festival day where general audiences can freely enjoy game exhibitions and events. The online event will be held on the official website of the BIC Festival for the month of September.

What is noteworthy about this BIC Festival is that the ‘Connect Pick’ section, which showcases works exhibited at the BIC Festival more than one year after the release date or past, and the ‘Technology Exhibition’ section, which showcases works with its own technology, have been newly established. In addition, to promote indie games and this event, virtual YouTuber ‘John’ participates as a guest, drawing a lot of expectations from developers and users.

At the same time, there are plenty of things to see and enjoy at the offline event site.

‘Good Morning BIC’, which opens the curtain every morning and provides daily news, ‘BIC On Air Radio’, which introduces the stories of visitors to the BIC festival and indie games, and exhibitions tailored to individual tastes through GBTI (Gambiti I) tests Various stage events such as ‘Choice Hot GBTI’ to introduce participating works will be held.

The stage event will be broadcast live through the BIC Festival YouTube channel so online visitors can participate.

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