2022 Korean Culture Month event in Miryang Oct. 14-16

Image: Milyang Arirang Festival
Image: Milyang Arirang Festival

2022 Korean Culture Month event in Miryang Oct. 14-16

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The 2022 Korean Culture Month Event will be held for three days from the 14th to the 16th at the shore of the Miryang River in Miryang-si.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the regional tour, the ‘Korea Culture Month Event‘ is an event promoted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism through a regional public contest to raise people’s cultural awareness and understanding and to encourage active participation in cultural activities.

This year’s Culture Month event is significant in that Miryang City applied for a public contest to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Arirang’s inclusion as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and was finally selected as the host.

Under the theme of ‘A thousand years of sound, Arirang flows into culture’, various performances and exhibition events such as a commemorative ceremony, an Arirang theme performance, an exhibition and experience event, an art market are planned to be held.

In addition, the three major Arirang regions of Korea — Miryang-si, Jeongseon-gun, and Jindo-gun — are co-hosting and are expected to provide a wealth of attractions that fit the theme of ‘Arirang‘.

The commemorative ceremony will be held on the 15th at 7 pm on a special stage near the river Miryang, starting with the youth artists’ pre-ceremonial performance of the youth Arirang, followed by the opening declaration, the theme performance, and the Arirang Daedong Nanjing .

The first theme performance, ‘ Float the boat, Arirang ‘ is a live performance where the Miryang ferry, the Jeongseon Auraji raft, and the Jindo Jodo anchor boat arrive at the Miryang River and perform local folk songs on the boat, adding media art to create a fantastic spectacle.

The second theme performance, ‘The Korea We Want‘, is a song based on a poem by Baekbeom Kim Gu, with pianist Dongchang Lim, Gingang Lee the owner of Daegeumsanjo, Kyunghwa Ryu, a professor at Korea National University of Arts ), and Younggil Kim, a musician of the National Gugak Center. By performing with the country’s top performers of Korean traditional music, they plan to express our desire for a beautiful Korea through culture and the meeting of Arirang with a unique performance.

In addition, a children’s second-hand market, a puppet show, and an experience program are part of the children’s cultural festival, and creative musicals using Miryang intangible cultural assets, including performances of a kite, love, and dream.

In addition, various Arirang sound sources that have been released so far are displayed in chronological order and by artists’ creations. Sorirang and Arirang, Miryang’s culture and Arirang theme letters are engraved on steel sculptures in the shape of a sphere.

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