2023 Busan Alley Festival every weekend from Jun. 17 to July 2

Image: City of Busan
Image: City of Busan

2023 Busan Alley Festival every weekend from Jun. 17 to July 2

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The city of Busan, in collaboration with the Busan Tourism Organization, has announced the upcoming ‘2023 Busan Alley Festival’ to be held every weekend from June 17th to July 2nd.

This inaugural festival is part of the ‘Alleyway Tourism Resource Project’ initiated by Busan City in 2021 and will offer a diverse range of programs.

The festival’s main theme is ‘The Taste and Night of Busan’s Alleys.’ Participants can experience the vibrant nightlife of downtown Jeonpo Gonggu-gil, featuring media art installations, gobo lighting displays, and customized advertisements.

Bongsan Village Masil-gil in Yeongdo will showcase Busan’s captivating night view, while also providing opportunities for alley tours and blueberry harvesting.

Mangmi Alley will host the ‘Mangmi Art and Book Festival,’ including a book market, a play market for children, and the ‘Busan Gourmet Table’ offering Busan-themed lunch boxes, craft beer, and traditional liquor.

Participants can make reservations in advance or register on-site for the various events, with more information available on the official Instagram account of the 2023 Busan Alley Festival (@busan_golmok_festival).

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