22nd Miryang Performing Arts Festival July 8-29

Image: Miryang City
Image: Miryang City

22nd Miryang Performing Arts Festival July 8-29

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Miryang City is preparing for the 22nd Miryang Performing Arts Festival in order to appease the regret of canceling the 21st Miryang Performing Arts Festival last year.

It is hosted by Gyeongsangnam-do and the city of Miryang and is supervised by the Miryang Cultural Foundation and the Miryang Performing Arts Festival Promotion Committee.

The main performance will be held from July 8 to 29 at the Miryang Arena under the slogan of ‘Theatre, that bright imagination’.

This year, the ’40th Korean Theater Festival, Miryang’, in which 16 city and provincial representative troupes from across the country participate from July 8 to 30, will also be held, providing a richer program, various cultural and artistic performances, and side events than in previous years for performing arts enthusiasts.

The opening ceremony will be held at the Grand Theater of the Miryang Arirang Art Center in collaboration with the Korean Theater Festival at 7 pm on July 8. The opening performance, opening declaration, introduction of participating teams, theme performance, and Miryang Arirang chorus will be held in the following order.

The theme performance is “Again, as if you saw the flowers of the New Year’s Eve” together with the citizens, and it has the meaning of welcoming everyone you meet in Miryang with the power of people, stories, and theater “as if you have seen the flowers of the New Year’s Eve”.

The opening work of the Miryang Performing Arts Festival will open on July 9 at 8:00 pm at the Miryang Arena Seongbyeok Theater with the play “Come Back”.

The work of director Jeong Beom-cheol and playwright Seon Uk-hyeon won the Excellence Award and Director Award at the 36th Seoul Theater Festival at the time of its premiere in 2015. In 2017, it was also released as a film and won the Gold Award in the competition section of the 41st Montreal International Film Festival.

The closing ceremony will be held at 7 pm on July 29, at the Seongbyeok Theater in Miryang Arena, along with the award ceremony for the contest program, and the country’s top Western Symphony conducted by Bang Seong-ho from Miryang.

Soprano Yoo Seong-nyeo, baritone Woo Joo-ho, and saxophone Kim Seong-hoon appear and communicate with the audience by reinterpreting familiar classic songs such as Verdi, Rossini, and Beethoven. Afterward, an EDM party “City of Aurora” will be held as a special performance at the Mulbit Theater.

The performance event was prepared as a performance complementary to the Korean Theater Festival, and a popular performance that citizens and artists could sympathize with.

The invited works are Chef, Hot Blood Simcheong, God of Carnage, I Like You, Fish Man, The King, You are a Young Hero, and Save the Earth. It is three episodes, Becoming the Directors’ Association (Extreme Seungwoo) and Be (Creative Group Today Spring) at Seoul Mirae Theater Festival.

Local works include three pieces including Me in a Square by the theater company Medley, Flame by the theater company Miryang, Practice School by the music education company Vandal, and Thick, Thick and No. 17, which won the Yun Daesung Drama Award in 2021. Seventy-five performances by 70 teams, including two (Creative Group G.O), will be performed at Seongbyeok Theater and Studios 1 and 2.

In particular, at this festival, there will be fierce competition to win the Daesung Yun Drama Award, as well as the University Drama Exhibition, which provides an opportunity for young Korean creatives to step up and an experimental stage.

Six works (8 teams accepted) are selected for the University Drama Exhibition, 8 works (25 teams received) for the Next Generation Directors Competition, and 1 work (32 teams received) for the Daesung Yoon Drama Awards are selected and awarded.

In addition, at the Mullbit Theater in the Miryang Arena, 18 teams of the Miryang Living Culture and Arts Club will perform fringe performances throughout the festival period. Participating teams include harmonica, Korean traditional music, harp, otarina, and belly dance performance teams.

Around the Seongbyeok Theater, exhibitions and experience booths such as theater and movie posters and calligraphy exhibitions, face painting, badge making, poetry exhibition, and Miryang Photographers Association photo exhibition are operated, and various food trucks are located to provide food.

Around the lotus field, night scenery lighting will be installed so that the lotus flowers in full bloom can be seen at night, providing visitors with a tasteful sight.

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