38th Daeya Cultural Festival in Hapcheon Sept. 24-26

Image: Hapcheon-gun
Image: Hapcheon-gun

38th Daeya Cultural Festival in Hapcheon Sept. 24-26

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The 38th Daeya Cultural Festival, the 33rd Citizens’ Day, and the 41st Military Sports Festival will be held in Hapcheon-eup, including Hapcheon Public Stadium, from the 24th to the 26th.

The Daeya Cultural Festival, which has been canceled for the past two years due to the COVID-19 infection, has been prepared with a variety of schedules such as various exhibitions and performances, folk sports games, and eve festivities for the purpose of reconciliation of the military and the people and enjoyment of culture.

Events before and after the Daeya Cultural Festival include Daeyaseong Gugak Contest, Eup and Myeon Pungmul Contest, Military and Civil Service Contest, Hapcheon Bam Mario Clown Mask Dance Festival, Lifelong Learning Festival, and Resident Service Expo.

Yeonmuk Membership Exhibition, Wildflower Club Member Exhibition, Literary Painting Member Exhibition, Seogak Member Exhibition, Village Keeper Woodworking Shop Exhibition, Traditional Gyubang Craft Exhibition, and Sangchun Munwoohoe Sihwa Exhibition also will be held.

For the sports folk events, eight folk games including demonstration games such as baduk, badminton, foot volleyball, park golf, ssireum, jegi kick, and arm wrestling, as well as 14 sports preliminaries will be held.

Starting with a lighting ceremony on September 24 and a congratulatory performance by guest singer Park Nam-jeong, on the 25th, a ceremony to commemorate Silla’s loyal general Jukjuk and a torch relay at Haeinsa Temple to pray for the successful holding of the festival, a lantern procession with the participation of local and foreign residents and citizens will be held.

On the eve of the festival held on the special stage of the sports park, fireworks, town and village singing contests, Kim Yong-im, and Park Gu-yun will appear as guest singers to brighten up the night of the festival.

At the main event on the 26th, the entrance and disguise procession of the eup and myeon team starting from Daejonggak Square in Ilhae Park and proceeding to the public stadium will be held.

After-dinner events include a performance by the 39th Division Military Band, a demonstration event by the Taekwondo Demonstration Team of Kosin University, and an exciting Pungmul Hanmadang by the Hapcheon-gun Pungmul Federation.

The closing ceremony concludes the main event by inviting popular singers Seo Ji-o and Pumba’s god Birdry along with a generous prize draw for the citizens to have more harmony and time together.

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