65th Miryang Arirang Festival in Korea reaffirms its status as a cultural tourism festival

Image: Miryang City
Image: Miryang City

65th Miryang Arirang Festival in Korea reaffirms its status as a cultural tourism festival

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The 65th Miryang Arirang Festival, held in Yeongnamru and around the Miryanggang River, concluded on the 21st.

Despite rain on the first day, the four-day festival attracted approximately 407,000 visitors. Various venues, including car-free streets and the horse and sheep Arirang Market, were bustling with visitors, transforming the entire city into a festive atmosphere.

Although there were some traffic difficulties due to the increased visitor density, festival staff, police, and volunteers effectively managed the situation according to the festival’s safety manual, ensuring a safe environment. The festival featured attractions such as the Arirang Theme Hall, providing glimpses into the past, present, and future of Arirang, as well as the interactive Arirang Maze and Wonderland, offering enjoyment for both adults and children and creating cherished memories for families.

One of the highlights was the Miryanggang Odyssey, a spectacular musical performed by 1,000 citizen actors against the stunning backdrop of Yeongnamru and Miryanggang River. Through this performance, Miryang’s history was woven into a narrative that captivated the audience and showcased the city’s dreams and aspirations.

Mayor Park Il-ho expressed gratitude to the volunteer groups, civic organizations, and public officials who contributed to the successful hosting of the festival. He emphasized the city’s commitment to making future festivals even more vibrant, beautiful, and appealing.

Miryang City prioritized safety by establishing a systematic disaster response and safety management plan. From the planning stage, they designed programs with safety considerations and took step-by-step preparations to ensure the well-being of festival-goers. The festival also served as a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration, with officials from other local governments visiting the site to learn and contribute to the development of their own local festivals.

Overall, the 65th Miryang Arirang Festival celebrated the spirit of Miryang through cultural events, performances, and joyful experiences while maintaining a strong focus on safety and community engagement.

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