7th world esports summit in Busan presents the direction for the development of the e-sports industry

Image: City of Busan
Image: City of Busan

7th world esports summit in Busan presents the direction for the development of the e-sports industry

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The city of Busan City, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, International Esports Federation (IESF), and Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency will be in Busan from September 29 to October 1 for the 7th World Esports Summit (WE Summit 22) held at the Busan eSports Arena in Busanjin-gu.

This event, held under the name of ‘World Esports Summit’ since 2016, is a place where e-Sports experts from around the world gather to share the current status of the industry and suggest directions for development.

It will be held under the changed name of ‘World Esports Summit (WE Summti)’, which symbolizes the word WE (we) using the first letter of The World Esports Summit.

The event has been held in Busan for six consecutive years since 2017, promoting the e-Sports mecca of Busan to the world.

Under the slogan of ‘Together, further away!’, the event will be held with an opening ceremony, panel discussion by sessions, networking events, and side events.

In previous years due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the event was held in a hybrid format that combines online and offline, but this year, eSports officials from all over the world are planning to gather offline and have a serious discussion about the development direction of the eSports industry.

In the session discussion, domestic and foreign e-sports industry officials will participate as speakers with topics on factors of success in Asian e-sports, cooperative measures for successful event management, hidden heroes of e-Sports, industry growth through various contents, and the legal system of e-Sports industry.

Eight sessions will be covered, including the creation of a guideline for the growth of e-Sports, the tourism benefits of e-Sports infrastructure, and the responsibilities of e-Sports organizations.

Additionally, the International Referee Summit, where international e-Sports judges participate to discuss the importance of e-sports referee education, and the International Academic Seminar, where they present and discuss selected works for academic research and competition for international standardization of e-Sports will be held.

For those who wish to participate in the event, pre-registration on the website of the Federation has been completed and all seats are currently closed.

Visitors must wear a mask at the site to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Citizens who wish to participate online can share lectures and discussions by various e-sports officials on the Busan E-Sports Stadium YouTube channel (in English, the International E-Sports Federation YouTube channel).

“I am very pleased to be holding the ‘World Esports Summit,’ which has come under a new name, in Busan again this year. The foundation has been laid, and we will do our best to develop the e-sports industry in the future,” Park Heong-joon, Mayor of Busan, said. 

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