ASEAN Culture House hosts the Best Of “ASEAN in Korea, Korea in ASEAN” until June 2

by Haps Staff
haps Korea Magazine

The ASEAN Culture House held a photo/video competition “ASEAN in Korea, Korea in ASEAN” in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of dialogue relations between Korea and ASEAN in 2019.

During the 41 days of the competition from January 28 through March 10, 853 photos and 75 videos were submitted that contain beautiful images of cultural attractions and fashions, daily life in Korea and each of the ASEAN member countries, and sites of international exchange.

The final screening resulted in the designation of six photographic works and six video works to receive awards.

A Korean food stand in Yangon, Myanmar

This exhibition ASEAN Gaze features 78 photos and 10 videos, including the award-winning works and works that were presented with a special prize.

Selected works were divided into four categories (children, women, work and life, travel & rest and exchange & communication).

We encourage you to explore the establishment of a beautiful and strong relationship between Korea and ASEAN through the photos and videos presented here, each of which embodies the values of respect, tolerance, and communion.

Event Information

Period: April 5 – June 2
Venue: Special Exhibition Gallery, ASEAN Culture House 1F
Price: Free
Host: ASEAN Culture House
Inquiry: 051-200-2001, 2013, 2024

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