Bike app provides fun way to explore Seoul

Bike app provides fun way to explore Seoul

by ChiHon Kim
Stripes Korea

Bike-sharing services have taken large cities globally by storm, and Seoul is also a host to its own fleet of wheels. Bicycles are a good option for exploring the city, while reducing pollution and helping to alleviate traffic congestion. Inspired by Bixi, a public bicycle sharing system serving Montreal, Canada, Seoul installed its own public bike service called “Ttareungyi” in 2014, with about 20,000 bikes now in circulation. A few other companies offer bike-sharing in the city, but the service area is limited.

Reserve your own set of wheels ahead of time by using the Seoul Bike app or website for a mere 1,000 won (about $0.85) per hour. You don’t have to be a member to use the service and they even offer longer-term rental tickets by the week, month, six months and full year.

You’ll recognize Ttareungyi bikes by their white and green color. Each bike is equipped with a lock and card reader.

Both the app and website are available in English as well. Register your T-Money card or transportation card for quicker service. Once you’ve registered your card, you can tap your card on the bike’s card reader and go!

The best part of a Ttareungyi is that you’re not required to return the bike you’ve rented to the spot where you picked it up. Bikes can be returned to any of the Ttareungyi spots near where your exploring takes you. A “Return is completed” message will appear on the bike’s screen to let you know you’ve returned it correctly. And don’t forget to lock the bike to prevent theft.

Next time you find yourself in Seoul, give this cost-effective and planet-saving alternative a shot for your adventure. It’s good exercise and a fun time!

Seoul Bike
Where: As of the end of last year, there were 1,540 bike rental centers, and the average distance between rental stations was 500 meters. This year Seoul will increase the number of rental centers to 2,140. In 2020, it is expected to expand to 3,040 and the distance between rental centers will be reduced to 300 meters.
How to rent: Credit, T-money and mobile payment including PAYCO and KAKAO PAY are available.
Tip: If traveling with multiple people, you can buy a group ticket for multiple bike rentals. See website.
Website (ENG)

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