Busan beaches to get makeovers to attract younger generation

Busan beaches to get makeovers to attract younger generation

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With a 15% drop in visitors to Busan’s seven beaches this year, local governments are stepping up efforts to revitalize their economies. Major street renovations are on the horizon, aiming to breathe new life into these areas.

Suyeong-gu announced that it plans to invest 11 billion won by 2027 to redevelop the Gwangalli Beach theme street entirely.

The street, constructed in 2003, had started showing signs of aging and struggling to attract younger crowds.

The revitalization aims to transform Gwangalli Beach into a ‘hot spot’ for the MZ generation. Surveys targeting the 2030 age group will guide the development of tourism infrastructure tailored to their preferences. Measures to enhance residents’ quality of life in the area will also be incorporated.

Haeundae-gu envisions converting its surroundings into a ‘local branding’ commercial district, centered around the historic Haeundae Station.

Local branding involves leveraging unique resources to create a city where people genuinely want to stay.

Haeundae-gu plans to modernize the old Haeundae Station into a cultural space and form a local branding promotion team to make Haeridan-gil and Gunam-ro an appealing destination.

Additionally, Haeundae-gu aims to establish Songjeong Beach as a ‘Worcation’ sanctuary, where people can work and vacation simultaneously, investing 300 million won to create workspace using underutilized public facilities.

To succeed, experts emphasize identifying specific demand groups and developing content that resonates with them.

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