Busan City-Hite Jinro photo zone installed on Haeundae Gunam-ro to support the Busan World Expo 2030 bid

Image: City of Busan
Image: City of Busan

Busan City-Hite Jinro photo zone installed on Haeundae Gunam-ro to support the Busan World Expo 2030 bid

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The city of Busan has prepared a photo zone to support the Busan World Expo 2030 bid on Haeundae Gunam-ro along with Hite Jinro during the summer vacation season.

The city and Hite Jinro are carrying out various expo promotion activities based on the business agreement for cooperation to attract the 2030 Busan World Expo signed on May 24, and this photo zone is also one of the promotional activities.

The photo zone is made of large sculptures — 3m in width and 4m in height — of ‘Heart Boogi’, a promotional character for the Busan World Expo 2030, and ‘Toad’, the representative character of Hite Jinro. ‘Heart Boogi’ looks at the sea of ​​Haeundae and ‘Toad’ looks at the streets of Gunam-ro.

Haeundae Gunam-ro Street, where the photo zone was created, is Busan’s representative youth street, overflowing with crowds with busking and cultural performances.

Along with the installation of a photo zone, the city will also hold a comment event to support the 2030 Busan World Expo. By August 17th, if you upload your authentication photo on your social media network and attach a cheering phrase along with a hashtag, 100 people will be drawn by lot on August 19th and a small gift will be given.

Hite Jinro also put the Expo promotional text on the label of ‘Chamisul’ bottles distributed throughout the Americas in June as well as in Korea and operated ‘Hite Jinro Bar’ in the Los Angeles Dodgers stadium in the US to promote the Expo in the United States as well. 

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