Busan City hopes to turn Taejongdae into a four season theme sightseeing park

by Haps Staff
haps Magazine Korea

The city of Busan is looking into a comprehensive plan to turn Taejongdae into a four season theme sightseeing park.

Once a popular place for honeymooners, the park has been under pressure to transform itself to match current marine tourism trends.

The initial plan by the city, which hopes to be completed by 2026, hopes to introduce marine ecotourism, green tourism through attracting eco-friendly tourism facilities, and revitalize the local economy utilizing nearby idle land.

Taejongdae will maintain its scenic spots but plans to expand transportation facilities and promenades to develop an ‘eco-friendly road’. They hope to introduce more flower gardens which will attract more birds and butterflies on the entrance side instead of cultural property protection areas as well as invest in geological ecotourism, a skywalk, and tourist hotels.

The area around Chungli Mountain is constructed with the characteristics of the mountainous terrain, and the Extreme Leports Park. It aims to attract young people by making an extreme jungle, water tower, zip line and a survival game room while Chungli Beach projects include glamping, an observatory, and a sky deck.

The plan will likely face opposition from environmental groups as Taejongdae was nationally designated as Scenic Spot #17 by the Cultural Property Agency in 2005.

Private funding for projects will be needed which are estimated to be over 500 billion won, which also need to be attractive investments for potential suitors.

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