Busan designates 13 pedestrian priority roads for the first time

Image: City of Busan
Image: City of Busan

Busan designates 13 pedestrian priority roads for the first time

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‘Pedestrian Priority Roads’, where people take priority over cars, will be established in Busan for the first time.

The city of Busan announced that it would designate 13 unseparated roads, including Jeonpo Cafe Street, Busanjin-gu, as ‘Pedestrian Priority Roads’.

A ‘Pedestrian Priority Road’ is a road designated by the mayor of a special city or metropolitan city to give priority to pedestrian traffic to ensure the safety and convenience of pedestrians among unseparated roads.

The grounds for designation were prepared in accordance with the enforcement of the amendments to the Act on the Promotion of Pedestrian Safety and Convenience and the Road Traffic Act on the 12th.

On a Pedestrian Priority Road, pedestrians can pass not only on the edge of the road but also on all parts of the road, and drivers must keep a safe distance and slow down or stop so that pedestrians can walk safely.

A fine of up to 90,000 won and 10 demerit points may be imposed if they obstruct the passage of pedestrians or violate the duty of protection.

Pedestrian priority roads designated for the first time in downtown Busan are 13 locations (49 sections) in 8 autonomous districts, with a total length of 7,996m.

The city received an application for designation of a pedestrian priority road from autonomous districts and counties from April to June, and then designated it as a pedestrian priority road after undergoing on-site inspection and internal review.

The designation sites are
— Jeonggongdan-ro, Dong-gu (3 areas of Jeonggongdan-ro, 660m)
— Jeonpo Cafe Street in Busanjin-gu (19 areas of Jeonpo-daero 223beon-gil, 298m)
— Busanjin-gu Jeonridan-gil (29 areas of Jeonpo-daero 255beon-gil, 473m)
— Sukdeung-gil, Buk-gu (Around 78 Mandeok-daero, 710m)
— Buk-gu Deokcheon-dong Culture Street (Around 45 Mandeok-daero 15beon-gil, 597m)
— Buk-gu Shirang-gil (Around 41 Sirang-ro 132beon-gil, 480m)
— Haeundae-daero 608beon-gil (Haeundae-daero 608beon-gil area) , 792m)
— Haeridan-gil, Haeundae-gu (around 3 Udong 1-ro 20beon-gil, 593m)
— Saha-ro 197beon-gil, Saha-gu (around 247 Nakdong-daero, 360m)
— Saha-gu Natgaeoullim Street (64 Dasong-ro 72beon-gil, 511m)
— Geumjeong-gu Pusan ​​National University Street of Youth (2, Geumjeong-ro 68beon-gil, 1,008 m)
— Yeonsan intersection, Yeonje-gu, Sunshine Street (30 Bansong-ro, 1,154 m)
— Suyeong-ro 725 beon-gil, Suyeong-gu (4, Suyeong-ro 725 beon-gil, 360 m), etc.

The exact section and location map can be found in the notice section of the Busan City website.

The city will promote public relations for the successful settlement of ‘Pedestrian Priority Roads’. Card news is posted on the city website and social networking service, and promotional posters are distributed through autonomous districts and counties.

In addition, information signs and road markings for areas designated as pedestrian-priority roads will be promptly repaired to minimize confusion between pedestrians and drivers.

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