Busan, Korea selected as an international tourism city

Busan, Korea selected as an international tourism city

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The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced yesterday that it has selected Busan as an international tourist city.

The ministry will provide Busan 50 billion won for five years from this year until 2024 to develop tourism brand strategies, local tourism resources and content, access to cities, and marketing.

Busan has been assessed for its promise to emerge as an international gateway in the southern region with the best tourism infrastructure and its geographical advantage by the ocean

“The Future of Korea Tourism, Wonderful Busan”

Busan plans to invest a total of 150 billion won in three business areas and 57 detailed projects over the next five years.

First of all, the core business areas include the establishment of basic plans for the development of international tourism cities and brand strategies, ‘Busan Branding’ business including the development of Busan brand tourist souvenirs, ‘strategic promotion and marketing’ such as overseas media advertising and drama shooting support.

It will invest KRW 87.9 billion in 33 sub-projects such as ‘Beach Life & the City’ including the development of marine leisure experience contents and walking courses for tourists, and the ‘Four Seasons Festival and MICE’ such as the development of Gala Show products at the Busan International Film Festival.

Second, as a strategic business area, they are planning on Building an innovative smart tourism base, such as building a Busan-type tourism platform TaaS, creating a convenient travel environment by developing Busan Tourist Pass and improving public transportation inconvenience, and operating the Busan Tourism Data Analysis Center.

The city will invest KRW 58.5 billion in 19 sub-projects, including the creation of a Busan-type tourism ecosystem, such as fostering the MICE industry, and the improvement of global-friendly travel culture, including a campaign for citizens abroad.

Lastly, the city plans to maximize the effect of the international tourism city development project by investing KRW 3.6 billion in tourism-related projects such as building a Busan-type mobility platform, improving the city tour bus, and creating a tourism ecosystem linked with urban regeneration.

The Ministry chose five tourism hub cities with Busan being selected as an international tourism city and Gangneung City, Jeonbuk Jeonju City, Mokpo City and Andong in Gyeongbuk as local hub tourism cities.

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