Busan Museum to host an online event for Lunar New Year’s

Busan Museum to host an online event for Lunar New Year’s

by Haps Staff
haps Korea Magazine

Busan Museum is hosting an online New Year’s event for citizens who visit the Busan Museum website from February 3 to 14 under the theme “Spring has come! Happy!”

This event is designed so that citizens can download related images created for the Lunar New Year holidays and enjoy them in their daily lives. It is expected that citizens will be able to feel the atmosphere of traditional festivals and holidays from home in a situation where it is difficult for citizens to visit the museum directly due to the prolonged COVID-19.

“This event was designed to provide non-face-to-face enjoyment to citizens who are facing the New Year during the COVID-19 situation. We will continue to communicate with citizens through various channels and meet the demand. We will plan and run various events tailored to you,” Song Ui-jeong, director of the Busan Museum said.

Traditionally, Korean people have been praying for blessings for the year with phrases such as “Ipchundae-gil” and “Geonyangdagyeong” on the door of their house to celebrate Ipchun.

Accordingly, Busan Museum provides images that can be used freely in online spaces such as KakaoTalk profiles and blogs in line with the online era while continuing the meaning of the tradition, so that citizens can share them with family and friends and have a fun and hopeful New Year.

The image of welcoming the new year was created using ‘Cho Hee-ryong’s Phil Baekmaedo‘, which is owned by the Busan Museum, and the image of New Year’s Eve, using a white cow to convey the Happy New Year.

Both images can be downloaded from the ‘Online Playground’ on the Busan Museum website during the event period.

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