Busan public transportation to be reduced at night

Busan public transportation to be reduced at night

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In order to minimize unnecessary movement of citizens and encourage them to return home early, the city of Busan will start shortening public transportation such as city buses and urban railroads, including the Busan Metro, after 10 p.m.

City buses will be reduced by 30% from 10 p.m. on the 10th, and city buses will be operated with a reduction of 12% on weekdays starting from the 10th.

However, buses with an interval of more than 30 minutes or congested routes are excluded. 

The nighttime operation of urban railroads including the Busan Metro after 22:00 will also be reduced from the current 20% to 30%. However, it will be implemented from the 13th after technical adjustments such as the signal system according to the reduction. 

After the reduction, it will continuously monitor whether congestion occurs at night and respond flexibly when congestion exceeds 150%.

In the case of taxis, in line with the purpose of prohibiting private gatherings of more than three people, the city has strongly recommended to the taxi industry to limit the number of taxi passengers to two or less after 6 p.m..

The city will also implement quarantine measures for each means of transportation, such as regular disinfection and the provision of quarantine supplies.

Urban railways are disinfected six times a day at stations and once a day inside trains, and city and village buses are disinfected before and after each operation. 

The taxi industry is also implementing mandatory disinfection of vehicles in companies and charging stations.

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