Busan Tourism to start second season of prepayment project in September

Image: Haeundae Blue 1/Haeundae Blue Line Park
Image: Haeundae Blue 1/Haeundae Blue Line Park

Busan Tourism to start second season of prepayment project in September

haps Korea Magazine

The city of Busan announced that it will start the second season of the ‘2021 Let’s Be Together Busan Tourism Payment Project’ to revive the Busan tourism industry, which has been suffering from the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic.

The ‘Busan Tourism Prepayment Project’ is the nation’s first attempt at a win-win model for the tourism industry.

Busan’s leading tourist facility companies at discounted prices and sell them to travel agencies who then sell it to customers at low prices.

Season 1, which was held in June, was planned with the active cooperation of Busan’s representative tourism facility companies and set a groundbreaking record in that 7 out of 10 products were sold out within 2 hours of the start of sales.

Tourist facilities that joined season 1 were Busan X the Sky, Songdo Cable Car, Surfholic, Haeundae Blue Line Park, Yacht Talae, Dream Theater, and Busan Aquarium.

Traditional travel agencies have created new revenue models by themselves, such as planning new tourism package products using prepayment and selling them through channels such as ‘Live Commerce’ and ‘Smart Store’. Tourists were able to purchase products at discounted prices, showing high satisfaction with the business.

In ‘Prepayment Season 2’, the convenience and benefits of customers have been strengthened, such as operating an integrated call center and selling products without a quantity limit by supplementing Season 1.

In season 1, seven out of the ten products sold out within two hours.

In addition, the number of participating travel agencies was expanded to 200, including overseas travel agencies, and the revenue structure was improved so that travel agencies can receive more benefits according to their sales performance.

For more information, visit the Busan Tourism Organization website.

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