Busan's Song Sang-hyeon Square to transform into fine dust free this summer

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Song Sang-hyeon Square in Busan will transform into an outdoor venue that is free from heat and fine dust.

The city of Busan announced that it will set up a ‘cooling fine dust free zone’ by installing a fine mist fountain and large parasol at the square.

The city has said that the fine mist fountain can protect citizens from heat strokes and fine dust as it doubles as a cooling source and fine dust adsorbent.

The fine mist lowers the temperatures in the affected area by 3 to 4 celsius degrees, and fine dust in the affected area can be prevented by the so-called ‘air curtain effect’.

Busan City also plans to install a waterfall facility during the day time and light show facilities for the nighttime at the square.

A variety of other cultural events including the Youth Park Culture Festival, a dance festival and a children’s cultural festival are also plannedned once the fine dust free zone opens at the square in early June this year.

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