CAC tour to Boriam Temple is time well spent

CAC tour to Boriam Temple is time well spent

by Park, Ga-Hyun

DAEGU GARRISON — Camp Walker and Camp Carroll Community Activity Center recently organized a wonderful tour for USAG Daegu and Area IV Soldiers, family members, DoD Civilians, and retirees to Boriam Temple. Located in the southern portion of the South Korean peninsula, the temple is by far, one of the most famous tourist attractions for natives and foreigners alike.

  For the members of the USAG Daegu and Area IV community, the tour to Boriam appeared to be more than they had anticipated. The amazing view, the clear blue sky, and fresh air was exhilarating. This scenery made it clear just why the CAC tour was so worthwhile. Additionally, the landscape of the temple and surrounding area was equally unforgettable.

As history goes, in 683, a monk, One-hyo, who was considered to be an influential person in Korean Buddhism, built this temple first, and then gave it the name of  “Bo Gwang Temple.” After a considerable time, one man came to the temple site and prayed for 100 days that he would become king. His prayers were later answered and he later became king of a new dynasty. That man was Lee, sung-gye — the first king of the Jo-Sun dynasty.

In appreciation of his ascension to the throne, he changed the mountain name to “Guem Mountain”, which means “gold,” and the temple’s name to “Boriam Temple.” Throughout the year, many people come to Boriam Temple to pray for their family’s health and prosperity. They come to this location because they believe it to be the place where prayers are answered.

The Boriam Temple landscape is also a very good reason for making it a part of your bucket list. Located near the southern ocean coast, a view from the temple allows one to see the many beautiful islands, the magnificent cascading mountains, and the brilliant blue sea.

  For U.S. personnel participating in the tour,  Boriam Temple, as well as the trek along the numerous hiking trails, made for pleasant memories of an amazing cultural experience, and a great way to spend some precious leisure time.

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