Changwon special city, Gwangam Beach opening and marine leisure sports competition July 2 & 3

Image: Changwon City
Image: Changwon City

Changwon special city, Gwangam Beach opening and marine leisure sports competition July 2 & 3

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Changwon Special City will hold the ‘2022 Changwon Marine Leisure Sports Event’ from July 2 to 3 in the area of ​​Gwangam Beach.

The city will open Gwangam Beach on July 2nd and hold the ‘Marine Leisure Sports Competition’ to celebrate the opening of the beach and to become a place of marine festivals for local residents and citizens around the beach, as well as outside tourists and marine leisure sports people.

At 10 am on July 2, the first day of the beach opening, the ‘Traditional Boat Jeonma Boat Tournament’ is held as a festival event where residents of Jindong-myeon, where Gwangam Beach is located, can get together.

The ‘Changwon Korea SUP Championship’ will be held jointly hosted by the Marine Boys Federation and sponsored by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries.

This competition will see the participation of about 360 local residents and marine leports players and SUP championship competitions (long-distance events, short-distance events) in which marine sports athletes from all over the country participate.

In addition, it plans to provide things to see and enjoy not only for contest participants but also for visitors to Gwangam Beach by organizing a variety of marine leisure experience programs such as experiences other than competitions and marine cultural events.

The opening ceremony will be held as an official event at 2 pm on the 2nd, and a spectacular curtain will be held in the presence of about 360 people including officials and players from 8 fishing villages in Jindong-myeon and the SUP Championship.

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