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Spring Festival of The Garden of Morning Calm
Date: Until May 26
Location: The Garden of Morning Calm
Introduction: The Garden of Morning Calm is one of Korea’s major botanical gardens, attracting about 700,000 tourists from home and abroad annually. The garden aims to promote the beauty of Korean flowers and plants to the world. They also play a huge role in developing Korea’s garden culture. Every year during The Garden of Morning Calm’s Spring Festival, the garden is covered with a rich tapestry of color from the thousands of flowers and trees in full bloom. From the promenade surrounded by a refreshing pine grove, to the 330,000㎡ flower garden, the entire arboretum overflows with nature’s beauty and grace. In addition,  the garden holds a range of exhibitions, cultural events and educational programs during the festival.
[Express/Intercity Bus]
From Sangbong Bus Terminal or Dong Seoul Bus Terminal take a bus bound for Cheongpyeong Bus Terminal.
Cheongpyeong Station (Gyeonchun Line), Exit 1.
Go left until you reach the 3-way intersection and turn right. Continue straight toward the Cheongpyeong Catholic Church. Pass by Cheongpyeong Elementary School, turn left, and you will see the Cheonpyeong Bus Terminal.
Take bus 1330 at Cheongnyangni Transfer Center (in front of Lotte Department Store) and get off at the Cheongpyeong Bus Terminal.
From Cheonpyeong Terminal, take a bus bound for The Garden of Morning Calm 
Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)


Boseong Gre Jeonju Cultural Heritage Night Tour

Date: May 25 - May 26
Location: Jeonju Hanok Village
Introduction: Jeonju Cultural Heritage Night Tour focuses preserving and remembering Korea’s heritages and the ancestors’ 
spirits. Jeonju features many historical sites as a homeland of the Joseon Dynasty and traditional culture. During Cultural Heritage Night, Jeonju will become more special and every visitor can enjoy the cultural heritages including intangible and tangible assets
alike as a fun activity.
Yongsan Station ⇀ Jeonju Station
Inquiries: 1544-7788, 1588-7788
KORAIL Website:
Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal ⇀ Jeonju
Bus Terminal
Gangnam Central Park ⇀ Jeonju Bus Terminal
Gwangju Bus Terminal ⇀ Jeonju Bus Terminal
For inquiries:
Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)


Daejeon Craft Beer & Music Festival

Date: May 30 - Jun.2
Location: Expo Park’s Hanbit Tower Park
Introduction: Daejeon Craft Beer & Music Festival, which first started in 2016, is co-hosted by Weizen Haus and Daejon MBC. 
Visitors can enjoy up to 100 varieties of craft beer, delicious local cuisines, and performances by popular music artists.
Daejeon Government Complex (Daejeon Subway, Line 1), Exit 3.
From Dunsan Police Station Bus Stop, take Bus No. 705 and get off at KOTRA Exhibition Center.
Walk to Hanbit Tower Plaza at Expo Park for approx. 330 m.
Homepage: (Korean only)


Pohang International Fireworks Festival

Date: May 31 - June 2
Location: Hyeongsangang River Park areas
Introduction: The Pohang International Fireworks Festival is held at Yeongildae Beach in Pohang, which is also known as the “City of Light and Fire.” The festival features a fireworks competition, a parade of lights, street performances, and a range of hands-on activities. It is 
usually held around the end of July.
[Train] Take a train from Seoul Station to Pohang Station.
[Express/Intercity Bus] Take a bus from Gangnam Express Bus Terminal to Pohang Express Bus Terminal.
[Bus] 1) Hyeongsangang Riverside Sports Park. Get off at Hyeongsan Rotary Bus Stop Bus No. 101 or 175
2) Yeongildae Beach. Get off at Yeongildae Beach Bus Stop
Blue Bus: 101, 105, 130, 131, 200, 700
Green Bus: 176, 600
Homepage: (Korean only)


DMZ Peace Train Music Festival

Date: June 5 - June 7
Location: Seoul Platform Changdong 61, Cheorwon Goseokjeong National Tourist Area, Cheorwon Korean Workers’ Party Headquarters, Woljeong-ri Station, Soisan Mountain
Introduction: DMZ Peace Train Music Festival aims to promote freedom and peace through music. The festival is held at Seoul and Cheorwon, Gangwon-do providing conferences, showcase, main concert and special programs.
Express/Intercity Bus
Take a bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal to Sincheorwon Bus Terminal or Munhyeri Bus Stop.
Take a Nongeochon Bus bound for Dongsong/Jipo-ri and get off at Goseokjeong Bus Stop.
Homepage: (Korean, English)


Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival

Date: Jul. 5 - Jul. 7
Location: Area of Seodong Park (Gungnamji)
Introduction: This festival celebrates the beautiful lotus flowers and highlights the importance of preserving wild flowers. The festival programs contain many events related to lotus flowers, such as making paper lotus flowers and making lotus flower soap, 
which are the two particularly popular programs with international visitors. Various other popular tourist destinations are located nearby the festival grounds including several Baekje (18 BC-660 AD) cultural historic sites such as the Baekje Wangneungwon (royal mausoleum), Nakhwaam, and the Baekje Historical Museum.
Express/Intercity Bus
From Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Buyeo.
- From Buyeo Intercity Bus Terminal, take a taxi to Gungnamji (궁남지, 1.5km).
Homepage: (Korean only)


Busan International Dance Festival

Date: May 24 - Jul. 8
Location: Busan Cultural Center, Haeundae Beach (stage), Busan Cinema Center
Introduction: The Busan International Dance Festival (BIDF) is one of the largest dance festivals in Korea. Dancers taking the 
stage in Haeundae hail from all over the world. Since 2009, BIDF opens AK21 (Arts Korea) international choreographer competitions to open up a way for amateur choregraphers to show their talents. 
Visitors can be assured to experience an eclectic mix of dancing that showcases a variety of excellent dance styles: classical ballet, modern dance, and more.
Haeundae Station (Busan Subway Line 2), Exit 3 or 5.
Walk about 500m to arrive at Haeundae Beach.
From Busan Station, take Bus 1001 or 1003 to Haeundae.
Homepage: (Korean only)


Suwon Culture Night

Date: Aug. 9 - Aug. 11
Location: Areas of Suwon Hwaseong Fortress
Introduction: Suwon Hwaseong Fortress and Hwaseong Haenggung Palace are the venue for Suwon Culture Night. Both 
areas are decorated with media art of eight night experiences. Every corner of the fortress road has history and stories to offer a historical culture experience.


Walk with a King

Date: Until Oct. 26
Location: Gyeonggijeon Shrine in Jeonju Hanok Village
Introduction: Walk with a King is held every Saturday from May 4 to October 26 with exception of August 3 and August 8. 100 person tour include special view of Gyeongggijeon Shrine with music and tea. A special tour guide will take you around the beautiful city of Jeonju.
Transportation: From Jeonju Bus Terminal, walk to Keumam Plaza Bus Stop and take Bus No. 165, 375, 380, 970, or 1000 and get off at Jeondong Catholic Church.Hanok Village Bus Stop. Walk approx. 10 min. Performance Times: 20:00-21:40


Moonlight Tour at Changdeokgung Palace
Date: Until October 27
Location: Changdeokgung Palace
Introduction: As part of the Creation of Living Palaces project, the Changdeokgung Palace Moonlight Tour offers a unique 
opportunity to witness and experience palatial beauty. The tour begins from the main gate, Donhwamun Gate, and continues on for approximately two hours through Injeongjeon Hall, Nakseonjae , and Huwon (“Secret Garden”).
Initially built as a royal villa, Changdeokgung Palace became the central governance compound during the Joseon Dynasty after the former principal palace, Gyeongbokgung Palace, was burned to the ground during the Japanese invasion in the 16th century. In addition to its political significance, the palace is known for its aesthetics and architecture, set against breathtaking natural scenery. In 1997, UNESCO designated Changdeokgung Palace as a World Cultural Heritage site.
- Anguk Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 3.
- Go straight from the exit about 350m to reach Changdeokgung Palace on the left.
- Jongno 3 (sam)-ga Station (Subway Line 1, 3 or 5), Exit 7.
- Go left out of the exit and walk approx. 550m along Donhwamunro Street to reach Changdeokgung Palace ahead.
- From Yongmun Station, take Bus No. 7-4.
- Get off at Yongmunsa Bus Stop.
Take Bus 7025, 109, 151, 162, 171, 172,
272, 601


NOTE: Festival dates and info subject to change.



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