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Boryeong Mud Festival
Date: Until July 28
Location: Daecheon Beach area (Mud square)
Introduction: Of the numerous festivals in Korea, Boryeong Mud Festival attracts the largest number of international visitors. During the festival period, tourists flock to the area to experience the benefits of Boryeong's mud while having a blast. Fully immersed in both the mud and the festival’s great atmosphere, visitors enjoy mud wrestling, mud sliding and even swimming in the giant mud bath. Visitors feeling particularly energetic can try the marine mud-training course, while those looking for something more relaxing can enjoy the mud massage zone. In the evening, music and fireworks continue the party going at 
the beach.
- From Seoul Central City Bus Terminal, take an express bus to Boryeong.
- From Boryeong Bus Terminal, take a bus bound for Daecheon Beach. (10 min intervals)
- From Yongsan Station or Yeongdeungpo Station, take a train to Daecheon Station.
- From Daecheon Station, take a local bus bound for Daecheon Beach.
Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)


Hangang Summer Festival
Date: Until Aug. 18
Location: Hangang River and Parks
Introduction: Hangang Summer Festival, also called Hangang Mongttang Festival, is a large-scale riverside culture festival, and the representative summer festival of Seoul. It consists of about 80 programs including camping, water leisure sports, circus, music concert, movie concert, street performances, bike-riding, paper-boat sailing, fire art, traditional performances, night market, and others, organized by the Hangang Project Headquarters, and various civic organizations. Every type of visitor can enjoy the festival in Hangang Park with the multitude of programs.
Yeouinaru Station (Seoul Subway Line 5), Exit 2, 3
Express Bus Terminal Station (Seoul Subway Line 3, 7, 9), Exit 8-1
Sinbanpo Station (Seoul Subway Line 9), Exit 2
Jamsilsaenae Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 6, 7
Homepage: (Korean only)


Busan International Rock Festival
Date: Jul. 27 - Jul. 28
Location: Samnak Ecological Park
Introduction: Busan International Rock Festival is a leading music festival in Korea, representing the openness and youth of the coastal city of Busan. The festival is organized with the goals of discovering new musical talent, revitalizing the music industry, and celebrating indie bands. Along with the international film festival in October, the Busan International Rock Festival has played a vital role in promoting the artistic affluence of Busan, the largest port city in South Korea. The festival is widely recognized as strengthening ties between renowned musicians worldwide. It is a fun and widely attended event that is a must-see for any rock music fan in Korea.
Gwebeop Renicite Station (Busan Subway Busan-Gimhae Light Rail Transit Line), Exit 1. Walk for approx. 17 min.
Take Green Bus No. 123 or 126. Get off at Samnak Ecological Park Bus Stop.
Homepage: (Korean, English)


Hwacheon Jjokbae (Raft) Festival

Date: July. 27 - Aug. 4
Location: Area of Hwacheon-gun, Bungeoseom Island
Introduction: The Hwacheon Jjokbae Festival is a unique summer festival, floating uniquelyshaped boats on Hwacheon River. It is held in the clean region of Hwacheon, Gangwon-do, home to otters and trout. Visitors can enjoy water-related activities, a rafting (jjokbae) contest, and athletic sport programs alike.
- From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Hwacheon Terminal. (06:35-19:35, 20-30 min intervals / Estimated travel time: 2 hrs, 40min)
- From Hwacheon Terminal, walk southwest about 1 km to the bridge that crosses to Bungeoseom Island. Or, take a taxi from the terminal (approx. 3 min; 2,800 won).
Homepage: (Korean only)


Hwacheon Tomato Festival

Date: Aug. 1 - Aug. 4
Location: Area of 6, Munhwamaeul 1-gil, Hwacheon-gun, Gangwon-do
Introduction: The Hwacheon Tomato Festival is held annually over four consecutive days in August in the area of Culture Village in Sanae-myeon, Hwacheongun. Starting off with a pre-event on the eve of the opening, it is followed by various exhibitions, hands-on programs, performances including tables with seating for one thousand people, finding a tomato gold ring, let’s play with tomato, tomato summer festival, tomato soccer, children’s swimming pool, and other varied programs related to tomatoes. Tomato sales and other programs will give excitement to every visitor.
From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus bound for Sachang-ri Bus Terminal.
From the terminal, walk toward Sanaero for about 450 m and the venue will be on the left. (Travel time: 2 hours)
From Chuncheon Bus Terminal, take a bus bound for Sachang-ri, Sanaemyeon.
Homepage: (Korean only)


Busan Sea Festival
Date: Aug. 2 - Aug. 6
Location: Haeundae Beach, Gwangalli Beach, Dadaepo Beach, Songdo Beach, Songjeong Beach, etc.
Introduction: The Busan Sea Festival was first held in 1996 to promote Busan as a beautiful harbor city. The festival takes place at Haeundae Beach, Gwangalli Beach, Songdo Beach, Dadaepo Beach, Songjeong Beach, and at other places in Busan. The festival offers various cultural events and unique hands-on programs. As Korea’s first general ocean festival, it puts on many exciting programs including a great opening ceremony, cultural performances, and other special events. With a total of 5 beaches 
holding the event, each beach has different programs and performances for all ages.
Haeundae Station (Busan Subway Line 2), Exit 3 or 5. 
- Walk straight from the exit about 500 m to arrive at Haeundae Beach.
- From Busan Station, take bus 139, 140, 239, 240 or 302 to Haeundae.
- From Busan Aiport, take Airport Bus (KAL Limousine Bus) to Haeundae. 
- From Sasang Terminal, take City Bus 31 or 31-1 bus to Haeundae.
Homepage: (Korean, English)


Pyeongchang Music Festival & School

Date: July. 31 - Aug. 10
Location: Pyeongchang Alpensia & Areas of Gangwon-do
Introduction: Pyeongchang Music Festival & School features world-famous performers every summer, and has become the best classical music festival in Korea. The audience will be mesmerized by the variety of music programs that takes place surrounded  by the beautiful environment of Gagnwon-do.
Homepage: (Korean, English)


Suwon Culture Night
Date: Aug. 9 - Aug. 11
Location: Areas of Suwon Hwaseong Fortress
Introduction: Suwon Hwaseong Fortress and Hwaseong Haenggung Palace are the venue for Suwon Culture Night. Both areas are decorated with media art of eight night experiences. Every corner of the fortress road has history and stories to offer a historical culture experience.
Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)


Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival
Date: Aug. 9 - Aug. 11
Location: Pentaport Park (Incheon Songdo Moonlight Festival Park)
Introduction: Pentaport Rock Festival is a rock festival ardently supported by not just local rock fans, but by music fans worldwide. The festival takes place normally in early August, in Songdo City. Overseas rock bands play in a lineup with local  rock musicians for an energetic rock music festival that’s out of this world!
Int'l Business District Station (Incheon Subway Line), Exit 1
Bus No. 9 → Get off at Songdo 2 Dong Community Service Center
Bus No. 6-1 → Get off at International School
Bus No. 908 → Get off at Prugio Habor view
Bus No. 92 → Get off at Canal Walk(4D)
Bus No. M6405 → Get off at Central Park Station
Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)


Tongyeong Hansan Battle Festival
Date: Aug. 10 - Aug. 14
Location: Areas of Tongyeong (Culture Square, Tongjeyeoung, Yi Sun-sin Park, etc.)
Introduction: Tongyeong Hansan Battle Festival commemorates the Great Battle of Hansan (1592), one of the four most famous sea battles in world history. Visitors to this festival will be able to see models of the geobukseon (turtle ship) designed by Admiral  Yi Sun-shin and the ships used by the Japanese navy at the time. In addition to learning all about the battle, guests will be able to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of Tongyeong. A variety of hands-on experience programs are available for 
visitors to learn in a fun way.
Express/Intercity Bus
Take a bus from Gangnam Express Bus Terminal to Tongyeong Bus Terminal.
Get off at Culture Square Bus Stop.
Bus No. 101, 141, 200, 231, 301, 401, 420, 505, 530, 600
Homepage: (Korean only)


Bucheon International Comics Festival
Date: Aug. 14 - Aug. 18
Location: Korea Manhwa Museum, Bucheon Media Culture Complex
Introduction: As Asia’s best in global comic festival, The Bucheon International Comic Festival is ready to open for the summer visitors. Various programs, such as exhibits, an international comic fair, conferences, and other various hands-on programs are available for all visitors.
Songnae Station (Seoul Subway Line 1), Exit 2.
Take Bus 5-2 or 37 and get off at Bucheon Movie Cultural Complex Bus Stop. (Yeongsang Munhwa Danji)
Homepage: (Korean, English)


Seoul Fringe Festival
Date: Aug. 15 - Aug. 24
Location: Culture Tank
Introduction: Seoul Fringe Festival, the most representative independent arts festival of Korea, is held annually to support indie culture by introducing various genres of artists and artworks. Festival-goers can meet many works of operations, and through the various methods of attempt and communication channels used, explore the charm of dances, plays, music and more at the festival venues throughout the city.
World Cup Stadium Station (Subway Line 6), Exit 1 or 2. 
- Get off at Seoul World Cup Stadium or World Cup Park Bus Stop. 
Blue Bus - 271, 571, 710
Green Bus - 7011, 7013A, 7013B, 7715, 7733 
Red Bus (express bus) - 9711A, 9711B
Village Bus (Maeul bus) - Mapo08
Homepage: (Korean only)


Goesan Red Pepper Festival
Date: Aug. 29 - Sept. 1
Location: Sports Complex, Mini football field, Culture & Sports Center, Dongjincheon Stream area
Introduction: Goesan Red Pepper Festival is held during the harvest season to promote the excellence of peppers grown in Goesan, a major production area of Korea. The festival has numerous programs including pepper-picking and barehanded fishing contests, pepper recipe competition, pepper cooking contest, and garden pepper planting.
Brightly colored and full of flavor, Korean peppers are a particularly popular agricultural product. This is a fun festival where visitors can taste or buy Korean peppers and have a chance to talk with farmers.
From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Goesan Terminal.
From Goesan Terminal, take a taxi to Sports Complex. (Jonghap Undongjang) (5min)
Homepage: (Korean, English)


Muju Firefly Festival
Date: Aug. 31 - Sept. 8
Location: Culture Tank
Introduction: The Muju Firefly Festival takes place in the pure environment of Muju, a natural habitat for fireflies and the marsh snails the fireflies feed on. The festival offers many attractions and activities but the highlight of the festival starts after 20:00 when the fireflies begin to light up the night sky.
From Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Muju Intercity Bus Terminal.
Homepage: (Korean, English)


Donggang International Photo Festival
Date: Until Sept. 29
Location: DongGang Museum of Photography and nearby outdoor exhibition spaces, Yeongwol Culture & Arts Center, areas of Yeongwol
Introduction: DongGang International Photo Festival is an annual event that offers DongGang Photography Award Exhibition based on traditions and dignity. It is comprised of Main Exhibition, DongGang Photography Award Exhibition, International Open Call, Photojournalists Exhibition, Gangwon Province Photographers Exhibition, Yeongwol County Photographers Exhibition, Elementary School Photo Diary Exhibition, Street Installation Exhibition and Workshop (Yeongwol Photo Tour Program, Continuing Education Exhibition, Artist Talk, Elementary Students Workshop). 
Visitors can enjoy ten exhibitions and workshops during the festival period from early-July to late-September.
Express/Intercity Bus
From Seoul Express Bus Terminal or Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take a bus to Yeongwol Bus Terminal (approx. 2 hr).
Take a taxi from Yeongwol Bus Terminal to Donggang Museum of Photography (approx. 5 min).
Homepage: (Korean only)


Chuncheon Puppet Festival

Date: Sept. 28 - Oct. 3
Location: Area of Chuncheon Puppet Theater
Introduction: Chuncheon Puppet Festival first began in 1989 as a local event and has now developed into the largest puppet festival in Korea that attracts performers and visitors from all over the world. Apart from stage performances, diverse art 
experience programs are prepared to entertain both children and adults alike.
- Sangbong Station (Seoul Subway Line 7 or Jungang Line or Gyeonchun Line) → Chuncheon Station, Exit 1.
- ITX train: Yongsan Station → Chucheon Station, Cheongnyangni Station → Chuncheon Station, Exit 1.
From Chuncheon Station Exit 1, take a bus 30, 31, 32, 33, 33-1, 36, 37, 38 or 39 (located across the street).
Get off at Cheongsonyeon Suryeongwan Bus Stop.
- From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Chuncheon Intercity Bus Terminal.
- From Gangnam Express Bus Terminal (Central City Terminal), take a bus to Chuncheon.
From the bus terminal, walk toward at Onui Intersection and take Bus 150 in front of Electronics Land.
Get off at the Chuncheon Puppet Theater Bus Stop.
Homepage: (Korean, English)


Daejeon Saturday Festival
Date: Until Oct. 5
Location: In the areas of Daejeon Sky Road and Daejeon Jungang Market
Introduction: Daejeon Saturday Festival guarantees five different fun including things to eat, things to see, things to enjoy, things to buy, and things to play. Held every Saturdays from 18:00-23:00, visitors can enjoy a night out at the market.
Daejeon Station (Daejeon Subway Line 1), Exit 1.


Baekje Cultural Festival
Date: Sept 28 - Oct 26
Gongju: Areas of Geumgangsingwan Park
Buyeo: Areas of Gudeurae Plaza
Introduction: Baekje Cultural Festival first started in 1955 to commemorate the three loyal subjects of the Baekje era, namely Seongchung, Heungsu, and Gyebaek through a Samchungje rite. The festival aims to bring the history and culture of the Baekje era to life, taking place at UNESCO-recognized sites.
- To Gudeurae Plaza(Buyeo-gun) From Buyeo Bus Terminal, take a taxi to Gudeurae Plaza (구드래광장, 5-10min).
- To Geumgang Singwan Park (Gongjusi)
Take an intercity bus to Gongju Intercity Bus Terminal.
Geumgang Singwan Park is located 500m from the bus terminal.
Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)


Walk with a King
Date: Until Oct. 26
Location: Gyeonggijeon Shrine in Jeonju Hanok Village
Introduction: Walk with a King is held every Saturday from May 4 to October 26 with exception of August 3 and August 8. 100 person tour include special view of Gyeongggijeon Shrine with music and tea. A special tour guide will take you around the beautiful city of Jeonju.
Transportation: From Jeonju Bus Terminal, walk to Keumam Plaza Bus Stop and take Bus No. 165, 375, 380, 970, or 1000 and get off at Jeondong Catholic Church.Hanok Village Bus Stop. Walk approx. 10 min. Performance Times: 20:00-21:40


Moonlight Tour at Changdeokgung Palace
Date: Until October 27
Location: Changdeokgung Palace
Introduction: As part of the Creation of Living Palaces project, the Changdeokgung Palace Moonlight Tour offers a unique 
opportunity to witness and experience palatial beauty. The tour begins from the main gate, Donhwamun Gate, and continues on for approximately two hours through Injeongjeon Hall, Nakseonjae , and Huwon (“Secret Garden”).
Initially built as a royal villa, Changdeokgung Palace became the central governance compound during the Joseon Dynasty after the former principal palace, Gyeongbokgung Palace, was burned to the ground during the Japanese invasion in the 16th century. In addition to its political significance, the palace is known for its aesthetics and architecture, set against breathtaking natural scenery. In 1997, UNESCO designated Changdeokgung Palace as a World Cultural Heritage site.
- Anguk Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 3.
- Go straight from the exit about 350m to reach Changdeokgung Palace on the left.
- Jongno 3 (sam)-ga Station (Subway Line 1, 3 or 5), Exit 7.
- Go left out of the exit and walk approx. 550m along Donhwamunro Street to reach Changdeokgung Palace ahead.
- From Yongmun Station, take Bus No. 7-4.
- Get off at Yongmunsa Bus Stop.
Take Bus 7025, 109, 151, 162, 171, 172,
272, 601


NOTE: Festival dates and info subject to change.

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