Colorful autumn leaves at Geumwonsan Ecological Arboretum

Image: Gyeongnam province
Image: Gyeongnam province

Colorful autumn leaves at Geumwonsan Ecological Arboretum

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The best time to visit Mt. Geumwon is from this weekend to early November.

Mt. Geumwon is located in Wicheon-myeon, Buksang-myeon, Geochang-gun, Gyeongnam province to Anui-myeon, Hamyang- gun, and is 1,352m above sea level.

In the Ecological Arboretum located inside the Geumwonsan Forest Resource Management Center, various trees such as dandelion maple, redwood, wild cherry, hollywood, and azaleas, which boast a bright red color, and ginger, birch, and spruce trees with vivid yellowness, are well preserved, giving them colorful colors in the fall. This place is famous for its proud autumn leaves.

In particular, this year’s autumn leaves are expected to be more intense than any other year due to the large daily temperature difference and high air humidity in the valley area .

Accordingly, the Geumwonsan Ecological Arboretum announced that it has selected 3 places to enjoy the autumn leaves this year.

Geumwonsan Ecological Arboretum was established on 200 hectares of Doyu Forest owned by Gyeongsangnam-do and provides a place for healing natural ecology education to visitors as well as research on the preservation and propagation of alpine, rare, and endemic plants.

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