Cool down at Naewonsa Valley, Yangsan

Image: Yangsan City
Image: Yangsan City

Cool down at Naewonsa Valley, Yangsan

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Naewonsa Valley, located in Yangsan, is a popular destination location for people looking to cool down from the summer heat.

The area is known for its crystal clear water and stunning surrounding scenery which offers a respite from the hot and humid weather during Korean summers.

The valley is located near Naewon temple at the foot of Cheonseongsan Mountain.

According to the Korean Tourism Organization, the valley is surrounded by Jeongjoksan Mountain to the northeast, Wonjeoksan Mountain to the south, and Cheonseongsan Mountain to the southeast. The water running through the numerous valleys between these mountains has formed streams like Yongyeoncheon and Sangnicheon, which form the Yangsancheon Stream out of Naewonsagyegok Valley.

The area is also popular for rock climbing and its hiking trails.

It has recently been inspected for its safety facilities such as safety signs and lifesaving boxes as well as compliance with COVID-19 quarantine rules.

Entrance to the area is 2,000 won.

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