Cool down the summer heat with ocean sports in Korea


Given the characteristics of this small peninsular country surrounded by the ocean, it is strange enough that ocean sports such as surfing and snorkeling have not been popular until recently. However, as Korea is becoming multicultural with the growing number of foreign population, its recreational culture diversifies, too. Ocean water sports like surfing are still not something every Korean would do in the ocean, but it is now quite common to see people ride the waves or explore the underwater world. 

Do you want to experience for yourself? Trazy introduces hot summer spots for your summer beach fun.

1. Surfing at Surfyy Beach, Yangyang County

Surfyy Beach, located in Yangyang’s Hajodae beach, is Korea’s first surfing-only beach which is exclusively reserved for surfers. The beach is completely separated from other visitors to Hajodae Beach, and that makes you worry less about safety issues.

Surfyy Beach offers quality surf lessons, surfboard rental services, shower facilities, and lockers as well as the beautiful beach bar & restaurant and camping zones. During the summer season, the entire beach becomes a big party zone with trendy music and street performances, making it a perfect destination for young people who want to have fun on a hot summer night.

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2. Snorkeling at Jangho Beach, Samcheok

Jangho Beach is a beautiful beach located on the east coast of Korea in Samcheok. Jangho Beach is famous for its serene view and especially the crystal-clear water. Commonly referred to as the “Naples of Korea”, this is definitively one of the must-visit beaches in the summer.

Thanks to the translucent water, Jangho Beach is the best place to go snorkeling in Korea. Right next to Jangho Beach, you can explore the ocean floor at Jangho Port. The interesting rock formations naturally calm the rolling waves, making the port an ideal place for snorkeling.

You can also try other water activities such as kayaking on a transparent kayak or scuba diving.  

Whether it is seeing fish, starfish, and other small sea creatures on your sea adventure or simply relaxing on the beach, make sure to put Jangho Beach into your summer itinerary this summer!

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3. Kitesurfing in Eastern Jeju Island

If you’re visiting Jeju Island this summer, don’t miss out on this fun & thrilling experience. Kiteboarding, or also known as kitesurfing, is a must-try outdoor water activity that combines all of surfing, paragliding, wakeboarding, and windsurfing. Riders can catch and pick up the air with their kites and experience kiteboarding at high speeds. The kitesurfing spot (Haemajihaean-ro) on the eastern Jeju Island faces the beautiful Udo Island across the strait. UNESCO World Heritage Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak) as well as other smaller volcanic cones are also located nearby. Imagine how stunning it will be to surf on the ocean with the background of a UNESCO World Heritage!

If you’re new to this sport, Stage House offers a 2-hour lesson on how to find the best “wind pockets” with the hand-controlled kites and ride the waves using the power of the wind. If you’re already an experienced kitesurfer, you may choose to rent the equipment only and enjoy kitesurfing on your own. All of the staff at Stage House speak conversational English. So don’t worry about the language and go kitesurfing on the Jeju’s emerald ocean under the blue sky!

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4. Paddle Boarding at Gwangalli Beach, Busan

Gwangalli Beach is well-known for its fine sand and the lively atmosphere with the stunning view of Gwangandaegyo Bridge. Also, it is indeed an ideal place to paddle away from the heat of Korea’s steamy summer. Its average water depth of 1.5 meters and the average water temperature of 21℃ (69.8°F) makes it the perfect spot for water activities.

Don’t worry if you are new to paddle boarding, you will get basic training for about 15 minutes and you’ll be all set!

Apart from paddle boarding, there are other fun activities you can enjoy such as water skiing, jet skiing & windsurfing. Gwangalli Beach is also called the “Cafe Town” because a lot of private & franchised cafes with unique exterior and interior are located by the seaside overlooking the ocean and Gwangandaegyo Bridge.

Are you planning to visit Busan this summer? Check out Gwangalli Beach, the so-called Busan’s mecca for youngsters and water activities.

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