Cruise ship ‘Kim Si-min-ho’ to be launched in Korea's Jinju in April

Image: Jinju City
Image: Jinju City

Cruise ship ‘Kim Si-min-ho’ to be launched in Korea's Jinju in April

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Jinju City will launch a pleasure cruise ship next month which takes passengers from rides along the Namgang River.

The cruise ship named ‘Kim Si-min-ho’ was made in the form of a traditional Jeongja boat and it was made with an aluminum hull according to the Eco-Friendly Vessel Act. The cruise ship will start operating in earnest from April and will tour around Mangyeong Dunchi and Jinjuseong.

The course is a circular course that starts at Mangjin Naru at the foot of Somangjinsan Mountain and returns through the Naru at Chokseokmun Gate, and the beautiful scenery of Jinjuseong Fortress seen from Namgang on the half-hour tour.

The maximum number of people on board is 20 people including the captain, and it is planned to operate on-site reservations on weekdays except for Mondays.

The city is also planning to operate at night until 10 pm so that you can enjoy the night scenery around Chokseokru Pavilion.

Prior to its full-scale operation in April, ‘Kim Si-min-ho’ completed new safety inspections including stability inspection.

“We are going to revitalize a cultural resource that our ancestors enjoyed in Jinjumok by floating on a cruise ship on the Namgang River, a natural resource that harmonizes with Jinjuseong, a historical resource,” a city official said.

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