Daeseong-dong Ancient Tombs gain UNESCO World Heritage status in Gimhae, Korea

Image: Gimhae City
Image: Gimhae City

Daeseong-dong Ancient Tombs gain UNESCO World Heritage status in Gimhae, Korea

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The Daeseong-dong Ancient Tombs, also known as the Gaya Ancient Tombs in Gimhae, have been officially designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This historic decision was made during the 45th World Heritage Committee meeting held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The newly designated ‘Gaya Ancient Tombs’ comprise a series of seven significant archaeological sites, including the Daeseong-dong Ancient Tombs in Gimhae and others such as the Malisan Ancient Tombs in Haman, Gyo-dong and Songhyeon-dong Ancient Tombs in Changnyeong, and more. This collective heritage showcases the rich cultural and historical legacy of the Yeongnam-Honam region, dating from the 1st to the mid-6th centuries.

This UNESCO recognition underscores the exceptional Gaya civilization, characterized by its unique confederation-style political system coexisting with centralized ancient states.

Notably, the Daeseong-dong tomb group stands out as a prime example of Geumgwan Gaya’s tomb culture, reflecting the early attributes shared by the Gaya confederation.

These tombs also bear witness to East Asia’s vibrant international trade network, as evidenced by the presence of imported artifacts like bronze mirrors, dragon-patterned belts from China, bronze pots from the North, and bronze products from Japan.

These findings highlight the extensive East Asian trade routes that connected China, Gaya, and the Japanese archipelago during this era.

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