Day Trip to Seoul: Bukchon

Day Trip to Seoul: Bukchon

by Chihon Kim
Stripes Korea

Despite being a historical city that is more than 600 years old, it is not easy to find traces of Seoul’s beginnings. Many traditional buildings and homes within the city have been disappeared since the 1960s due to the rapid urbanization in Korea.


But there is a place among Seoul’s skyscrapers and dense modern buildings, that allows a glimpse into how the city looked and how people lived a few centuries ago: Bukchon.


On the upper side of Bukchon, a Hanok village nestled on a slope, there are homes dating back hundreds of years. This area was traditionally where the wealthy and government officials lived. Their ceramic-tiled roofs and wooden frames stand out. Although modern Seoul is only a turn of the head away, it’s like walking back in time. It’s amazing how the modernly-altered streets and alleys below harmonize with the old village homes, a nice blend of modern and traditional architecture. 


Before reaching the main alley, you can easily spot small hanbok rental shops where you can rent traditional clothing to walk the streets in. Lots of people were doing it and seemed to enjoy taking lots of memorable pictures. This village also offers various experience programs like craft making and Hanbok alterations.


As for the neighborhood of old homes, although it is a tourist attraction, it is also a residential area and people actually live in live in the homes! Please be respectful, keep your voices down and hold  and hold the hands of your children.


You can reach the neighborhood in 10 minutes on foot from Exits #2 or #3 at from Anguk Station on Subway Line 3.

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