Despite increasing visitors, not all attractions are doing well in Changwon

Image: Changwon City
Image: Changwon City

Despite increasing visitors, not all attractions are doing well in Changwon

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Changwon, in Gyeongnam province, is facing challenges in its tourism industry despite the city’s efforts to develop tourism content.

Some attractions are closing early due to low visitor grades, while others have remained closed for over a year. Critics are calling for swift action at the city level to revitalize the tourism industry.

One example is the closure of a popular attraction called the “moving boat,” an electric-powered boat that glides across Yongji Lake.

The operator shut down the business last month due to financial difficulties caused by a significant decline in visitors since the pandemic began in 2019. The cumulative number of users dropped to only 143,000, leading the operator to terminate their 10-year operating contract with the city.

Another setback is the temporary closure of the “Zip Track” in Jinhae, which spans 1.4km over the sea and offers thrilling rides at 80km/h.

The closure follows a serious accident in July last year, when a passenger collided with a facility, resulting in a lifelong disability. Ongoing legal battles have prevented the resumption of operations, leaving Changwon City without a resolution.

Additionally, the City Tour Bus operated by Changwon City has also experienced poor performance, falling significantly short of its target number of passengers. Efforts are being made to improve the service based on user feedback, such as reducing the number of tunnel passages and adding Haeyang Nuri Park to the route.

Changwon City now faces the challenge of reinvigorating its tourism sector and finding solutions to attract visitors back to its attractions.

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