Direct flights from Busan to Kuwait in the works

Direct flights from Busan to Kuwait in the works

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In a move to strengthen air transportation cooperation, a direct flight route from Busan to Kuwait has been opened.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced on the 29th of last month that an agreement had been reached during aviation talks between the Korean and Kuwaiti authorities. This development aims to facilitate travel between the two countries, considering the involvement of Korean companies in various projects in Kuwait.

The agreement entails an increase in the number of weekly round-trip flights from two to five, allowing airlines to better organize their schedules and resume direct flights that have been suspended since 1986. Additionally, the Busan-Kuwait route will operate twice a week, addressing the demand for this route in the Yeongnam area.

Previously, travelers from Busan had to make a stopover at Incheon Airport before reaching Kuwait, which drew criticism for its inconvenience. However, with the introduction of direct flights, the number of routes connecting the two countries will increase to seven.

While there may be challenges for airlines in terms of economic feasibility, the International Aviation Division of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport expects the route to commence operations soon, as Korea and Kuwait have pledged to enhance cooperation in air transport.

Moreover, the meeting also witnessed the signing of a joint operation agreement (codeshare) between airlines on the Korea-Kuwait route. This agreement is set to strengthen collaboration among companies in terms of seat sales and operational efficiency.

Additionally, the revised aviation agreement will introduce new regulations aimed at bolstering safety and security in future flights between the two nations.

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