Direct flights from Busan to Warsaw to run three times a week

Direct flights from Busan to Warsaw to run three times a week

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Gimhae Airport is set to introduce new flights to all airports in Poland, including Warsaw, three times a week.

This route, the sole direct flight from Busan to Europe, will significantly shed time on flights to Poland as there will be no need to go to Incheon.

At the aviation conference in Warsaw, Poland, held from the 16th to the 17th, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport announced an increase in transportation rights between all airports in Korea and Poland.

The frequency rose from 7 times a week (5 for passengers, 2 for cargo) to 9 times a week for passengers (7 times for passengers, 2 for cargo).

A new agreement establishes passenger transportation rights from Gimhae Airport to all airports in Poland three times a week, raising the total number of weekly passenger and cargo flights between Korea and Poland to a maximum of 12. This meeting marked the first such conference in 10 years since 2013.

This expansion is deemed crucial as numerous Korean companies, including LG Energy Solutions’ electric vehicle battery factory, are situated in Poland. The government aimed to create a gateway to the Central and Eastern European markets, emphasizing the significance of establishing a Busan-Poland route to enhance local airport vitality and streamline long-distance travel for residents.

Gimhae Airport’s exclusive European route is expected to boost regional benefits.

Previously, Lufthansa operated a route connecting Gimhae Airport to Munich, but it was not considered a direct flight as it passed through Incheon Airport. The new Busan-Poland route, however, establishes a true direct connection.

While plans for a Gimhae Airport-Helsinki route were delayed in 2019 due to flight restrictions over Russia and geopolitical tensions, the current agreement marks a significant step forward.

Currently, Korean national aircraft do not serve Polish routes, while LOT Polish Airlines operates routes from Incheon to Warsaw (four times a week) and Incheon to Wrocław (once a week). The occupancy rate for these flights reached 94% as of October.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, in collaboration with national airlines, is allocating transportation rights, and industry experts anticipate substantial benefits for the region.

The new route is poised to reduce logistics costs for local businesses and offer passengers expanded travel options to Europe.

There is no word yet on when the flights will commence as they are in the preliminary stages of the agreement.

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