Dongcheon Ginkgo Tree Street in Busan

Dongcheon Ginkgo Tree Street in Busan

Dynamic Busan

Ginkgo trees serve as a natural separation between Jeonpo-dong (neighborhood) and Seomyeon along this busy street. In total, 740 meters encompass Dongcheon Ginkgo Tree Street, which begins at the Seomyeon NC Department Store and ends at Gyeongnam Technical High School.

Beyond the school is an extended walkway that was opened in 2015. The formerly four-lane portion of Dongcheon-ro that runs parallel the Sharp apartment complex was reduced to two lanes, allowing a more pleasurable walking experience (and a few more ginkgo trees to boot).

Besides wider sidewalks, various sculptures and fountains can be enjoyed in this area, as well. Drivers should take note, however, that a bus-only lane is set during rush hour times and that slower speed limits are required at all times. This area also enjoys easy access to the popular Jeonpo Cafe Street area.

Peak ginkgo tree season can be enjoyed in mid-October. Don’t mind its particular, pungent smell! The yellowish ginkgo tree leaves are an incredible sight as they begin to fall to the ground. It’s such an awesome scene that a ginkgo tree festival is held there every December.

Art market

While admiring all the ginkgo trees, be sure to check out the art market that stretches from Seomyeon NC Department Store to Norimaru, the former Jungang Middle School. The market, which features about 50 booths offering handmade accessories, art and more, operates from noon to 6 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays through December.

Jeonpo Cafe Street

After checking out those ginkgo trees and the many artistic booths along Dongcheon-ro, head into the famous Jeonpo Cafe Street area. Several sign markers will point the way. More than 100 coffee shops, dessert cafes, restaurants and more have put this area on many must-visit lists for both Busan residents and out-of-towners since 2010.

How to get there: Seomyeon Station (Metro lines 1 and 2), exit 3. Walk straight three minutes and cross the street at the intersection facing Seomyeon NC Department Store. Dongcheon Gingko Tree Street begins from there.

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