Duryu Park gives you a high point in Korea

by Ted Adamson
Stripes Korea

One of Daegu’s more visible landmarks is the Daegu Tower (also known as Woobang Tower) which is located atop Duryusan (Duryu Mountain) in Duryu-Dong, Dalseo-Gu. The tower is over 200 meters tall and dominates the view of the area. It is the centerpiece for Duryu Park. The park covers over 400 acres of land and offers many activities throughout the year for young and old alike.

The land for the park was set aside in 1965 and development started in 1977.  The tower was completed in 1992. The park is home to the tower, E-World Amusement Park,  Tennis Courts, the Daegu Library, the Daegu Arts and Cultural Center, Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a golf driving range, and inline skate park, baseball and soccer stadiums and a myriad of foliage lined paths featuring more than 133 different types of plants.  Dotting the space on either side of these paths are statues and monuments.

Of course the best view of Duryu Park (and indeed of Daegu) is from the top of the tower or from one of the gondolas on the Tower Skyway which leave from the E-World amusement park and carry you above the rides up to the base of the tower.  The park is open year round and there are 2,500 parking spaces available for E-world or tower guests for about 2,000 won. Tower Restaurant guests get 2 hours of free parking. 

Admission costs to E-World with a free performance are as follow:
Adults: 11,000 Won         Youth: 7,800 won       Children: 6,500 won
All day pass Admission + Rides + free performance prices:
Adults: 24,000 won          Youth: 22,000 won      Children:  19,000 won 

Admission to the Observatory prices: 
Adults: 5,000 won            Youth: 5,000 won          children: 4,000 won

Skyway ticket price:
Adults: 4,000 won            youth: 4,000 won           Children: 3,000 won

Duryu Park’s best is not E-World nor is it the tower. There are so many places in every corner of the world to ride the rides and get a view.  There is no admission charged for the paths. Parking for that portion of the park is also free.  Walking through the park is the most enjoyable part of a visit to Duryu. There are many places to just sit and talk with friends or to sit down for a picnic lunch. If you walk around the park to the Arts and Culture Center, you will find yourself at Cathedral Pond which is beautiful any time of year. 

Duryu Park has become one of the favorite places for residents of Daegu to go when they have some time off. It has something for everyone whether they are very active or more sedentary. It is enjoyable whether one is alone, walking hand in hand with your favorite person or out with the whole family for a day of relaxation.  While you are in Daegu, make it a part of your life as well.

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