An eco-friendly facility Natural Recreation Forest in Daegu

Macheonsan Forest Bathing Area -- Image: City of Daegu
Macheonsan Forest Bathing Area -- Image: City of Daegu

An eco-friendly facility Natural Recreation Forest in Daegu

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In Daegu, a new trend is emerging for people visiting forests where recreation and healing are possible, such as natural recreation forests, forest baths, and forest trails that are relatively close to the city center.

Natural Recreation Forest, an eco-friendly facility that provides citizens’ emotional development and health and recreation, includes Biseulsan Natural Recreational Forest located in Yuga-eup, Dalseong-gun, and Hwawon Natural Recreational Forest located in Hwawon-eup, Dalseong-gun. 

Natural Recreation Forest is a forest and a lush and easy vehicle entry, and there is a wide range of facilities. 

The forest bathing area is a facility where you can drink the scent (phytoncide) emitted by trees in the forest and find physical and mental training and stability. 

Typically, the Jinbatgol Forest Park in Suseong-gu is easily accessible by car and has well-established hiking trails nearby, so it is convenient to visit.

Okyeonji Forest Bathing Area Geumgul — Image: City of Daegu

The Healing Forest is located at the entrance of the Biseulsan Natural Recreation Forest, and at the Forest Healing Center, various health-related experiences such as health measurement, dry half-bath, meditation treatment, and stress index measurement are available. In the forest behind the Healing Center, forest trails such as Forest Naeum Trail and Healing Path are good places to relieve stress.

The most representative forest trail (mountain trail) is the Palgongsan Dulle-gil, with a total of 95.5km (28.7km in 6 Daegu sections / 66.8km in 10 Gyeongbuk sections) in 16 sections of Daegu and Gyeongbuk. Among them, the path to Bukjijangsa in Section 1 has a gentle slope and is good for walking, and it is even better if you walk slowly and admire the surrounding dense pine forest. Gapal Atoll (Gasansanseong – Palgongsan – Hwanseongsan – Choryesan), the trail leading up to Mt. Palgong, is difficult for beginners to climb.

Palgongsan Dullegil — Image: City of Daegu

Hamjisan and Myeongbongsan in Buk-gu are not very high, so anyone can climb Mt. Biseulsan in Dalseong-gun. The course from Biseulsan Natural Recreational Forest to Cheonwangbong, the main peak, through Daegyeonbong, is also visited by many citizens.

In Daegu, there are a total of 161 routes and 523 km of forest paths.

The city of Daegu believes that many citizens will use forest recreation facilities ahead of the “With Corona” era and will improve old facilities for forest recreation facilities and forest roads, inspect road surface pits, wooden stairs, and information facilities so that citizens do not have any inconvenience in using forest recreation facilities.


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