Enjoy autumn in Daecheong Valley Nuri-gil

Image: Gimhae City
Image: Gimhae City

Enjoy autumn in Daecheong Valley Nuri-gil

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Gimhae’s Daecheong Valley Nuri-gil is an autumn attraction with a high proportion of broadleaf trees, so you can enjoy autumn leaves.

Moreover, Gimhae has many rivers and mountains in the city center, so there are many good walking paths that are not envious of other areas.

Among them, Daecheong Valley Nuri-gil is one of the best in Gimhae, where rivers, valleys, and mountain roads are connected and beautiful healing continues.

In particular, the Daecheong Valley area is ideal for feeling the deepening atmosphere of autumn, as the proportion of broad-leaved trees with reddish-colored leaves accounts for more than 70%.

The Daecheong Valley Nuri-gil was created in two stages by investing a total of 2 billion won, including 1.6 billion won in the national budget, after Gimhae City was selected for the development restricted area competition project by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport.

The 1.2km Nuri-gil from the Daecheongcheon Stream Water Park (Suspended Bridge) to Hope Park in the valley was first built between 2017 and 2018, and a 1.1-km Nuri-gil from Hope Park past Jangyu Falls to the entrance of the Jangyusa hiking trail was additionally built from 2021 to 2022.

As a result, the 8km-long Dulle-gil and hiking trails were naturally connected from the Daecheongcheon Ecological Stream walk under the valley to Jangyu Falls, Jangyusa Temple, and Jijibong Peak (744.7m).

By creating the Nuri-gil, Gimhae-si made the most of the existing topography, minimized the installation of artificial structures, and made the most of natural stones in the site, so that you can walk while walking along a nature-friendly road along the valley instead of the existing asphalt and cement roads.

Gimhae City also encountered opposition from environmental groups who were concerned about environmental damage during the project implementation process, but the purpose of the project was fully explained through face-to-face consultations with environmental groups and field visits, and the alternative route to minimize damage through consultation with environment professors and researchers and completed the business normally.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport highly praised the creation of a nature-friendly Nuri-gil using the consultation and communication process with environmental groups and on-site natural stones.

Gimhae City has recently secured the project cost by selecting an additional public offering project by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport to make the scenery of the artificial waterfall at the entrance of the valley more beautiful.

From the beginning of next year to the end of next year, a total of 1 billion won, including 800 million won from the government, will be spent to install the fountain waterfall, water play waterfall, observation shelter, deck, and landscape lighting.

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