Enjoy a brisk walk along the beautiful trails in Gupo

Enjoy a brisk walk along the beautiful trails in Gupo

by Haps Staff
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Gupo Mujangaesup-gil grants visitors beautiful greenery, historic rocks, well-maintained boardwalks, vast landscapes, and beautiful observation platforms to see everything.

Residents and tourists alike love Busan for its urban and natural mix. The city’s beaches provide people with fun and sun in front of an energetic city setting. Mountains give hikers a chance for exercise, peace, and relaxation from their daily lives, and all it can take to escape from the middle of a busy intersection in town to a calm waterside village-like Cheongsapo is a simple, convenient bus ride.

Gupo Mujangaesup-gil (trail) is another such gem in Busan. Replete with trees and accessible boardwalks for anyone who fancies a chance to get away from it all, it may just be the most people-friendly walking path in the entire city.

Gupo Mujangaesup-gil is an easy trek that is sure to take your mind off of your daily troubles.

A virulent spring

COVID-19 has resulted in a highly unusual spring. In a time usually bursting with people throwing off their winter coats, enjoying seasonal flowers and attending the year’s first baseball games, the pandemic has forced residents to stay home. Fewer people are out enjoying the weather, Daejeo Ecological Park’s iconic canola flowers were cut down in their prime and the country has seen a very late start to the KBO season.

As a result, Busan residents may be experiencing more melancholy than usual and could be yearning for the outdoors, some travel, and a bit of respite from these strange times. Luckily, the enchanting Gupo Mujangaesup-gil is the place to go for your fix of green and for a feeling of having left your daily surroundings.

The trail is an easy trek that anyone can enjoy via boardwalks that are accessible to wheelchairs and strollers. So easy is this trail, in fact, that the very name “Mujangaesup” translates to “No Obstacle Forest” in English. So get ready for some clean fresh air, vast blue skies, and a large abundance of wildflowers in your future.

A not-so-difficult start

f which can be quite grueling adventures. A trip from the Geumjeongsan Mountain cable car to Beomosa Temple can take four hours or longer, and the peak is well over 400 meters high.

Gupo Mujangaesup-gil, on the other hand, is a comparatively light and pleasant affair. Only 201 meters high, the trek begins at Beombangsan Mountain, in the old western port area of town. From Gunam Station (metro line 2), it’s a 10-minute walk in the direction of the Yurim Norway Forest Apartments to the Gupo Mujangaesup-gil parking lot. At this point, you might be feeling a little short of breath, but the good news is that this is the most difficult part of the entire trek. Step onto the boardwalk and enter a paradise of trees and greenery.

On Gupo Mujangaesup-gil, the name of the game is tranquility. Gone are the sounds of busy streets, honking horns, and noisy buses. All you’re left with are a mass of trees and the path before you, beckoning you ever forward.

Along the way, you’ll come across others who are seeking some solace from modern urban life, be they family and friends taking a walk together, parents of young ones in strollers or folks taking care of their elderly parents.

Sights along the way 

Just like the Igidae coastal walk outlined in the previous issue, Gupo Mujangaesup-gil also features a variety of rock formations with colorful names, including Turtle Rock, Toad Rock, Couple Rock, and Jeongseung Rock, named after a Joseon Dynasty-era minister. None of these, however, are denoted by any signs, so if you keep your eyes open, you may be able to tell which is which by yourself.

Eventually, you’ll come across the Hanul Baram Observatory, from where you’ll be able to see Gimhae International Airport, Gupodaegyo Bridge and Hwamyeong Ecological Park. At 201 meters high, there are plenty of people taking pictures, so don’t forget your selfie stick! The last sight on this course is on the way down: Unsusa Temple, which was founded during the ancient Gaya kingdom.

In total, the course takes about two hours to walk. While it’s important to be smart and safe and to remain home as much as possible, our mental and physical health are important, too. So, take advantage of Busan’s beautiful mid-spring weather and enjoy an easy trek on Gupo Mujangaesup-gil.

How to get there: Gumyeong Station (metro line 2), exit 2. Walk towards Yurim Norway Forest Apartment for about 10 minutes. The park is next to the Gupo Mujangaesup-gil parking lot, located by Caffe Pascucci.

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