Enjoy the night lights at Saebyeong-ri in Jinju

Enjoy the night lights at Saebyeong-ri in Jinju

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Jinju City is a city of history, culture, and art and in order to create a fantastic night view city suitable for the city, they are continuously promoting a landscape lighting installation project using beautiful design and light.

With the expansion of landscape lighting infrastructure, the dark and lacking character of the city at night has been transformed into a bright and attractive space, and the response of citizens who enjoy leisure activities at night is growing.

In addition, during the Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival last October, a delegation from the International Urban Lighting Federation (LUCI), the world’s largest organization in the international city lighting field, visited Jinju, raising the international status of the Namgang Yudeung Festival and expanding international landscape lighting technology exchanges. 

One of the eight scenic spots in Jinju is ‘Light up the night of Saebyeong-ri!’

The Saebyeori section is one of the eight scenic spots in Jinju, where you can enjoy beautiful natural scenery during the daytime, but at night, it is difficult to enjoy the night view due to the topographical characteristics of the moon’s shadow, making it difficult to enjoy the night view and the movement of pedestrians and vehicle drivers using the surrounding roads. 

In response, the city of Jinju installed 115 LED floodlights in the 600m section of Saebyeo-ri with a budget of 460 million won to increase safety by illuminating the surrounding roads and installing landscape lighting to enjoy the beautiful night view of Saebyeo-ri.

Through this, you can enjoy the city view even at night in Saebyeo-ri, as in Dwibyeo-ri, and it is becoming a new attraction where you can enjoy leisure while healing through evening walks.

Pedestrian bridge landscape lighting that breathes life into the city at night

Jinju City invested 110 million won in April of this year to install landscape lighting on the Panmuncheon pedestrian bridge adjacent to the residential area in front of Pyeonggeo Amco Apartment. In 2008, landscape lighting was installed on a pedestrian bridge next to Top Mart in Chungmugong-dong with a budget of 170 million won.

In particular, landscape lighting sculptures are installed around the pedestrian bridge and gobo lighting (logoject) is used to project images such as flowers and Hamo characters on the floor, receiving favorable reviews from citizens.

In addition, in the case of Namgaram Cultural Street, with a budget of 270 million won, the facilities were improved so that citizens could engage in night activities in a comfortable and bright atmosphere by improving driver and pedestrian glare inconveniences in the Hyeongpyeong Tower section and repairing old trees along the riverside.

Jinju City plans to continue promoting the landscape lighting project next year to revitalize the local economy and transform it into a safe and beautiful city.

Completion of ‘Global City of Light’ technical exchange with international lighting cities

During the festival in October this year, a delegation including Mary Roumella, president of LUCI, a world-class urban lighting organization to which 68 cities from 39 countries are members, visited the festival site in Jinju.

The delegation, which visited the Namgang event where the festival was being held, boarded the Kim Si-min-ho and toured the Namgang River and Jinju Castle, where lanterns were floating, and experienced the Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival, which was selected as Korea’s representative festival and a global fostering festival.

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