Expansion plan to link Busan's Gadeokdo Airport with 39 countries

Expansion plan to link Busan's Gadeokdo Airport with 39 countries

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While the current stalemate between building a new airport at Gaedokdo or expanding the current facilities at Gimhae Airport continues to drag on, an analysis of the expansion of international routes currently puts preference on the construction of a new airport.

The analysis released by the city of Busan shows that if a new airport is built at Gadeokdo, it would be able to expand its routes to 109 cities in 39 countries by 2030.

Gimhae Airport currently services 41 cities in 12 countries. The new airport would also increase international flights from the current 1,306 to 3,000.

By 2030, the city will be able to expand non-stop routes connecting Busan with eight cities in two countries in North America, 18 cities in 14 European countries, and two countries in the Middle East by 2030.

In North America, eight cities, including Los Angeles, Honolulu, San Francisco, Seattle, New York and Atlanta in the US, and Vancouver and Toronto in Canada, are considered to be the destinations for international flights.

In Europe, Barcelona, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Rome, Helsinki, Moscow, Frankfurt, Munich, and Irkutsk are the major destinations for international routes to be directly connected with Busan.

The city expects to be able to open air routes between Sydney and Brisbane in Australia, Dubai, and Doha.

In the Asian region, Jakarta and Yangon, which currently does not have direct routes, will be able to launch aircraft directly from Busan.

The construction of a new Gadeokdo airport is considered to be an essential condition for realizing the expansion of direct flights to Busan because it is predicted that it will be possible to open a variety of mid-and long-haul routes.

If the current Gimhae Airport or Gimhae Airport expansion facility is included in this condition, it will be impossible to expand the international routes by 2.5 times more than now as their facilities can not accommodate the explosive demand for passengers and the demand for aircraft.

Over the past 10 years, the annual growth rate of international passenger traffic at Gimhae Airport is 12.9%.

Based on this, Gimhae International Airport’s international passengers, which broke past 10 million passengers last year, will increase to 22.49 million in 2030 and 27.44 million in 2050.

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