Exploring Korea: 14th Tongyeong Mayor’s National Turtle Boat Rowing Contest August 5

Image: Tongyeong City
Image: Tongyeong City

Exploring Korea: 14th Tongyeong Mayor’s National Turtle Boat Rowing Contest August 5

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The 14th National Turtle Boat Rowing Contest is set to take place on August 5 as part of the 62nd Tongyeong Hansan Daecheop Festival.

In the Turtle Boat rowing competition, teams of 11 individuals (7 males, 4 females) will board a turtle boat and row a distance of 250 meters around a turning point, aiming to reach the finish line.

Up to 5 teams will start simultaneously in each race to determine the winner. The competition is divided into institutional groups, townships, and eastern divisions, with preliminary, semifinal, and final matches held.

This year, a special addition to the event will be the 1st Tongyeong Office of Education Superintendent Boat Turtle Ship Rowing Competition, exclusively for elementary, middle, and high school students, scheduled to take place on August 4. The general division of the contest will be held on August 5 at the sea in front of Naejukdo Waterside Park in Jukrim.

The 62nd Tongyeong Hansan Great Battle Festival, running from August 4 to August 12, will encompass various festivities throughout Tongyeong City, including a drone show, fireworks display, reenactment of the Battle of Hansan, and a grand celebration for all citizens.

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