Exploring Korea: 5 reasons to visit Jeju Island

Exploring Korea: 5 reasons to visit Jeju Island

by Cindy Choi
haps Korea Magazine

Jeju Island is one of South Korea’s most visited tourist locations and combines beautiful nature with sandy beaches.

For those looking to get out of the major cities on the peninsula and to experience a unique locale in South Korea, Jeju Island provides great accommodation options, stunning nature, great food, quirky museums and picturesque landscapes.

If you’re considering to visit the island, here’s five reasons that will make you want to visit Jeju.

Stunning beaches

The most gorgeous beaches in Korea are located on Jeju island. Hyeopjae Beach and Woljeongri Beach are two beautiful choices that have emerald waves and pristine sand with a distinct atmosphere no matter which season you visit.

Great food with an island twist

Surrounded by the sea, fresh seafood makes Jeju Island a foodie lover’s delight. Feast on local cuisines like abalone kimbap or grilled cutlass fish, and don’t forget to try the Jeju black pork, one of the island’s many delicacies.

Fresher air than the mainland

Unlike other places in South Korea, you will be pleasantly surprised to breathe in fresh air once you hike to the top of a mountain. As a bonus to the fresh air from your trek, stunning views from the top are great places to take out your camera and enjoy nature’s beauty.

Get back to nature

The most famous volcanic mountain on the island is Seongsan Ilchulbong, located on the eastern end of Jeju Island. Also known as “sunrise peak” for its beautiful view, taking pictures of the sunrise from the volcanic crater is must-do when you visit there.

Visiting the surrounding islands

Marado, Chaguido, Udo, and Biyangdo are smaller islands just off of Jeju Island which are worth a look. One of the best islands in Jeju City is Udo, which is the biggest island in Jeju City, located northeast of Seongsan-ri. Rent a bike to explore the beautiful surroundings, or take a walk to best explore the islands.

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