Exploring Korea: 5 reasons to visit Nampo-dong

Exploring Korea: 5 reasons to visit Nampo-dong

by Fen Jiang
haps Magazine Korea

Nampo-dong is considered the old downtown of Busan and has a long history of being a popular place for students and adults.

Here are five reasons why you should check out Nampo-dong on your next visit to Busan.

Many historical, traditional markets

During the Korean War, many people moved into Busan to save their lives and rebuild their homes. Nampo-dong was one of them. 

People started to open their businesses, especially around the Jagalchi, Bupyeong, and Gukje Market, in Nampo. That made the markets more lively and famous. You might think they are the same markets but actually, they are not. 

In Gukje, you can buy cheap clothes and shoes, even Korean singers’ goods. Also, Bupyeong has many good street foods. Do not forget to visit Jagalchi if you want to buy fresh seafood.

Bupyeong Night Market

Remember I told you Bupyeong has many good street foods? Do not be sad if you miss them during the daytime. You can enjoy them at night too. 

Bupyeong night market opens at 7:30 pm and closes at 11:30 pm. It consists of small food trucks. They sell street foods mostly, but they sometimes sell homemade soaps and some toys also. 

I strongly recommend you to try grilled lobster, Hong Kong egg waffle, and Yukjeon (Beef pancake). 

One more thing you should know is that there are no tables or chairs. You have to eat them while you are standing or bring them to your accommodation.

The historic Bosu Book Store has been operated since 1950 in Busan.

Bosu-dong Book Alley

There is a small neighborhood, called Bosu-dong, right next to Nampo-dong. It is known as Book alley and is also related to the Korean war. 

After the war, some Korean people started to sell the books that the US army gave and the others visited there to buy them. That was the start of that place. The book shops in Bosu are mostly small and quite old, but it still has the classic mood. Also, they usually sell second-hand books so you can get good quality ones at a low price. 

Christmas Tree Festival

Are you planning to go to Busan in December? Then do not miss the Christmas tree festival in Nampo. 

Every year, the city officials decide on a theme and install so many lights around the neighborhood. Especially on Gwangbok-ro, they install a giant tree and the design of the tree is changed every year.

Last year, the theme of the event was Shining Busan but most of the events moved to Yongdusan Park this year because of COVID-19.

Image: City of Busan

Famous restaurants

Many people visit Nampo-dong for many reasons, so it has various good restaurants too. In this paragraph, I will tell you my favorite places. 

The first place is Busan Sutbul Galbi, which means charcoal-grilled pork and beef restaurant. It sells amazing grilled pork and beef. It is spacious, so you can bring many friends. Marinated pork neck is the best seller but the other menu items are still good. If you are an alcohol lover, you might also like soju with it. After you eat the meat, do not forget to order Dwenjang Jjigae or Milmyeon too. 

The second place is Lee Jae Mo Pizza. It is a really famous pizza place in Busan. It has various menu options including spaghetti and chicken wings. The price is reasonable and you can even refill your soda. The place is very spacious but it is crowded especially in winter so you might have to wait.

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