A family healing outing spot at Sancheong Mukgok Ecological Forest

Images: Sancheong-gun
Images: Sancheong-gun

A family healing outing spot at Sancheong Mukgok Ecological Forest

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Mukgok Ecological Forest (Seongcheol Park), Danseong-myeon, Sancheong-gun, is emerging as a healing spot where anyone from children to the elderly can comfortably walk through the deep green forest.

On the 20th, the county announced that the Mukgok Ecological Forest, created to allow visitors to enjoy various trees and seasonal flowers, is positioned as the first base park in Sancheong-gun.

Mukgok Ecological Forest is located right opposite Gapoesa Temple, a temple built on the site of the birthplace of King Seongcheol.

It was built over four years from 2007 to 2010 and boasts an area of ​​142,000 square meters.

It is a park loved not only by local residents but also by visitors from nearby areas, as you can enjoy cherry blossom paths in spring, Mugunghwa Garden in summer, and various flowers and herbs in autumn.

Every year, Sancheong-gun plants trees and flowers in the Mukgok Ecological Forest, while striving for continuous management.

Next to the grass plaza in the ecological forest, an American pine tree with impressive leaves the size of a child’s hand is making a healing road for walking. This place serves as a photo zone for visitors to take pictures.

The county plans to create an infant forest experience center where infants, children, and family visitors can stay. The idea is to create a space where children can commune with nature and develop their imaginations in the forest.

Hydrangea, a representative summer flower, will be planted on the riverbank where you can walk next to the Mukgok Ecological Forest and the Gyeongho-Namgang River to create a flower path. The flowers planted next to the dam will show off their splendid appearance until September.

In addition, you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city center at areas such as ginkgo groves, wetland ecology gardens, and grass plazas, and enjoy nature worth walking around.

It is a wide flat land, and there is a wide parking lot and several walking trails, so it is good for people of all ages to look around.

In particular, you can feel another charm of Mukgok Ecological Forest by walking under the shade of tall oak trees on the dukbang-gil, located inside the oak forest road.

It is perfect not only for taking a walk but also for sitting on a bench in the woods and enjoying the beauty of the forest. It is also very interesting to find an ecology observatory where you can observe the ecological forest in more detail.

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