Finest sunsets at Amisan Mountain Observatory Park, Busan

Finest sunsets at Amisan Mountain Observatory Park, Busan

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Some of Busan’s finest, most awe-inspiring sunsets can be found on Dadaepo Beach, in Saha-gu (district), located in the far southwestern corner of the city. Perhaps even finer are those that can be viewed close by and a bit higher up, at Amisan Mountain Observatory Park.

Located between Lotte Castle apartments and Molundae Apartment in Dadae-dong (neighborhood), Amisan Mountain Observatory Park might be the best place to view the mouth of the Nakdonggang River. The Nakdong Estuary Delta was designated as a natural monument that has allowed more than 100,000 migratory birds, including a wild goose and whooper swan to take up residence. Several sand islands were formed at a point where the Nakdonggang River and the southern sea meet, making for a most charming view.

Head to Amisan in the late afternoon, just before sunset. As the sun falls across the Nakdonggang River, a breathtaking view of blazing scarlet over the river emerges. Besides the incredible nature, exhibitions on the Nakdonggang Sand Island and migratory birds are available in the observatory building. Additionally, another observatory deck is on the rooftop to observe the Nakdonggang River. Geojedo Island, Busan Harbor, even the Sasang area can be seen from here when the weather is clear.

Park Information

Hours: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Entry available until 5 p.m. Closed Mondays.

Address: 77, Dadaenakjo 2-gil, Saha-gu

How to get there: Dadaepo Beach Station (Metro line 1), exit 1. Walk 15 minutes toward Molundae Apartment. The observatory deck can be seen after passing by the apartment.

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