First Hydrangea Garden Flower Festival to be held at Wolasan Forest, Jinju

Image: Jinju City
Image: Jinju City

First Hydrangea Garden Flower Festival to be held at Wolasan Forest, Jinju

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Jinju will hold the ‘1st Hydrangea Garden Flower Festival’ for 5 days from 9th to 13th in the forest of Wolasan.

At this ‘Hydrangea Garden Flower Festival’, around 9,000 hydrangeas of about 10 species including Annabelle, Lime Ricky, Incredible, and Endless Summer, carpenter hydrangea, tea hydrangea, and star hydrangea can be seen.

From early flowering to the peak around July, you can enjoy colorful hydrangeas throughout the summer.

During the festival period, there are also abundant forest cultural performances such as a creative children’s song festival, a bubble performance, magic, a circus, and a busking night performance in the forest that you can enjoy with your family.

The ‘Hash Tag Verification Shot Event’ and ‘SNS Challenge’, which provide gifts through a lottery among participants who posted authentication shots on personal SNS, will also be held.

About 75,000 citizens have visited the forest of Wolasan since its opening until the end of May. Among them, 30,000 citizens participated in various experiences such as woodworking, which showed that the various experience programs were very popular.

In addition, the natural recreation forest in Jinju in the forest of Wolasan has been very popular since its opening on April 15, recording 95% of the usage rate during the entire period, including 100% on weekends and holidays.

The Jinju Forest Leports Facility in the Forest of Wola Mountain, which opened on the 4th of last month, has been well established as a new forest recreation and leisure sports spot in Jinju City with high user satisfaction, with more than 5,500 people visiting in about a month.

Starting with this ‘Hydrangea Garden Flower Festival’, various cultural events are planned for each season in the fall and winter, so it is expected that the pearl of Mt. Wola will faithfully serve as a platform for forest culture.

On the 9th, the first day of the ‘Hydrangea Garden Flower Festival’, the city of Jinju will hold a garden expert seminar to increase understanding of the garden.

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