Five Children’s safe green forests created in Busan, South Korea

Image: City of Busan
Image: City of Busan

Five Children’s safe green forests created in Busan, South Korea

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The city of Busan has created five “Children’s Safe Green Forests” which were created by the roadside for urban beautification and the environment.

They were built at Nam-gu Daecheon Elementary School, Buk-gu Myeongjin Elementary School, Geumjeong-gu Samyuk Elementary School, Geumjeong-gu Geumyang Elementary School, and Haeundae-gu Sindo Elementary School.

The ‘Children’s Safe Green Forest’ is a street forest built in the children’s protection area near the main entrance of the elementary school.

Separating the sidewalk from the driveway, it serves to ensure traffic safety for children on the way to and from the school and to provide a pleasant resting space by blocking fine dust in the city.

In summer, it is a shade for children who are vulnerable to heat waves.

The city invested 1 billion won to create these five ‘Children’s Safe Green Forests’. Various trees and flowers that will stimulate the curiosity of students are planted, and an insect habitat has been established.

The city plans to use this to make the ‘Children’s Safe Green Forest’ a living ‘ecological restoration site’ in the city center as well as a ‘nature experience/ecological education space.

Geun-hee Lee, head of Busan City’s Environmental Water Policy Office, said, “Children’s Safe Green Forest not only provides a safe and pleasant commuting environment for children, but is also expected to be helpful for health, emotion, and education as a space for nature experience and eco-education.”

The city invested 1 billion won last year to create green forests for children in five places including Gupyeong Elementary School in Saha-gu. Next year, 900 million won will be invested to create a green forest for children in four places including Yongsu Elementary School in Buk-gu.

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